Can We Get More Faction Rivalries from WWE?

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Can We Get More Faction Rivalries from WWE?

Lets take a journey back into the years of 1996-1999. Yes....what many of us wrestling fans consider the "good days of wrestling". And why was that? Well a lot of things happened to coincide with our lives.

What is more apparent now (or maybe APPEARS) that a lot more of the superstars were willing to work together and help develop talents and not let a superstar rise to the top with the same five-move set.

My concern for this random babbling of my thoughts is the lack of a good faction (or rather team) rivalry. In the current decade, we have had one really good team....Evolution.

Some may call WCW/ECW vs WWE as a team rivalry, so some may add it some may not. But when I say team, I mean a small amount of individuals looking out for themselves with no "job" being on the line.

My personal favorite rivalry is Nation of Domination (NOD) vs Degeration X (DX). Before I go on with this, I wish HHH and Michaels would give it a rest. A two-man DX team is not the same. No Chyna...No DX.

Anywho, the DX I am referring to is the post-Michaels DX, when HHH and Chyna recruited Road Dogg Jesse James, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, and X-Pac.

Then add in the faction of The Rock, Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, D'Lo Brown, Mark Henry (who replaced Farooq) and later Owen Hart (RIP). These two teams had wars....which were believable wars. There was none of this "one team is always on top."

And in the midst of this, two mega superstars were born...The Rock and HHH. Who can remember the infamous night DX came to the ring as a member of NOD?

You remember? HHH as The Crock, Jesse James as the head shaking B'Lo, X-Pac as Mizark Henry, Bad Ass Billy Gunn as The Godfather and the little guy (Jason Sensation) playing Owen Hart. That was one of the funniest segments I have ever seen.

Also look at the other team groups that formed out of former NOD members; Savio Vega formed Los Boricuas and Crush formed the Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA).

Yes they formed a sort of "racist" gang groups, however, the shows were entertaining to say the least.

How come WWE doesn't form a couple of team groups?

Yes, recently they have been making a new group as of late with Randy Orton and other second- and third-generation superstars, but the way they are going, "Legacy" is the only group out there.

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