New York Yankees: 3 Reasons Why the Yanks Will Win the AL East in 2012

Bill Ford@billfordwritesCorrespondent IIIApril 2, 2017

New York Yankees: 3 Reasons Why the Yanks Will Win the AL East in 2012

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    While I read through articles and blogs, I come across many, Yankee fans and Yankee haters alike, that are filled with concerns about the 2012 season.

    Some may be justified, but some are nothing more than unnecessary fears that stem from the 2011 season.

    Some players dealt with injuries, and others battled through slumps.

    As a Yankee fan, I have to believe and have faith that the team will bond as one, solidified unit.  The 2012 season is sure to be intense, and in no way would I suggest that the Yankees will sweep one series after another.

    Many games will have our hearts pounding in our chests.  We'll gasp for breath with some close calls.  Some games will leave us with heartache. 

    After a long, emotional season, when October comes around and the baseball world has battled for a spot in the postseason, the Yankees will be at the top as the AL East champions.

    Although many disagree, and some may think that I've lost my mind, there are three quick and simple reasons why I believe that the Yankees will win the AL East.

    Take a look with me.

1: Pitching

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    Fans seem to be quite concerned about the pitching rotation for 2012.  Don't worry.

    The starting rotation is a good mix. 

    Sabathia will be consistently strong, and Burnett has worked on his mechanics.  He'll prove the critics wrong.

    The bullpen is ready with relievers, and Mariano Rivera has another year to close things down.

    Pitching prospects will explode with energy toward the end of the regular season.

    Don't worry about pitching.

2: Hitting

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    NY has a batting lineup that pitchers will fear. 

    Jeter recovered from his injury and had great success to close out last season.  Spring training will strengthen him further.  He's not finished.

    Teixeira had some difficulty in 2011 at the plate.  Have faith that he and hitting coaches will work all of that out.  Watch for his comeback season.

    Rodriguez just completed a new treatment for his knee and shoulder.  With his new-found health will come new-found confidence.  He will not be held back this year.

    Granderson will have a season that will make 2011 look like nothing.  He has just come off of a powerful hitting season and he'll build on that and become a leader.

    Cano, Swisher, Gardner and Montero will all be major forces at the plate. 

    2012 will produce powerful hitting with a load of baserunners.

    Don't worry about hitting.

3: Health

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    The 2011 Yankees were plagued with injuries to Jeter, Rodriguez and Hughes, to name a few.

    Even with the difficulties that they dealt with, the Yankees successfully battled for first place and ended the season winning that coveted position.

    Alex Rodriguez appears to have had success with treatments in Germany.  His reduction of pain will give him the opportunity to strengthen without limitations.  2012 will be a comeback season for him.

    Jeter is in good health.  Spring training will give him time to settle back into his game.  He will remain effective.

    Rivera is older, but he still has his cut fastball that will continue to shut hitters down and close out games.

    Hughes worries people, but I think that this is his year.  He has recovered well.  The key for him is to maintain his health, and I think that the pitching staff will watch him closely.

    The Yankees will have their bumps and bruises throughout the year, but overall, their key players will remain healthy.

    Don't worry about the Yankees.  Pitching, hitting and health are the three main components of a successful baseball team, and they Yankees have it all.

    Don't worry.