WWE News: WWE.com Article Calls for Ressurection of Women's Tag Titles

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2012


The WWE Women's Tag Titles are easily forgotten about.

They have an extremely short history—active for a mere six years, from May 13, 1983 until they were abandoned in 1989. Only four separate teams held the titles, including inaugural champs Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria, McIntyre and Desiree Petersen, The Glamour Girls, who were the only team to hold the titles more than once, and the Jumping Bomb Angels.

However, in an article posted on WWE.com today, writer Michael Burdick makes an interesting case to bring them back. He writes:

It’s true that WWE Hall of Famers like The Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richer and Sensational Sherri helped defined the ’80s – the era when the Women's Tag Team Title was last active – and set the stage for the current crop of in-ring femme fatales.

Yet despite the incredible ability and influence of these past elites among the singles ranks, they never had a strong enough group of female competitors at their side that would allow the Women’s Tag Team Titles to build a true legacy.

This roadblock to greatness certainly does not exist today – an era in which numerous Diva pairings have proven to be just as effective as their male counterparts where tandem excellence is concerned.

Should he be so sure that this "roadblock to greatness" doesn't exist in today's Divas division?

As of right now, there are three definite teams within the Divas ranks: the Divas of Doom, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the Bella Twins and the Chickbusters, AJ and Kaitlyn.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

At best, three out of six of those women are actually truly strong competitors.

Eve is certainly improving with every match, but how good would she be able to make her inevitable partner of either Alicia Fox or Kelly Kelly look?

At the moment, the Divas division definitely does not seem strong enough to pull off tag titles—it can barely pull off the Divas Championship.

However, there are several returns coming right around the corner: Layla, Kharma and perhaps even Michelle McCool. If LayCool were to reunite and Kharma to partner with the horribly underused Tamina, there may just be a valid case to bring back the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles.