Lars Eller Video: Watch Canadiens Center's Spin-O-Rama Against Winnipeg Jets

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistJanuary 5, 2012

Montreal Canadiens center Lars Eller already had a hat trick, so he must have figured he needed to do something special if he was going to score a fourth goal. He did just that by pulling off a spin-o-rama on a penalty shot midway through the third period.

A video of the spectacular move is embedded above.

What makes the feat even more impressive is the fact Eller entered Wednesday's game against the Winnipeg Jets with just four goals in 36 games. He doubled his total in a mere 16 minutes of ice time last night.

Eller has not been known as a goal scorer since making his debut with the St. Louis Blues a couple seasons ago, but as the old saying goes, every dog has its day, and that was certainly the case for the Denmark native.

The move itself is a perfect execution of the long-time hockey favorite. He picks up a lot of speed, which is necessary to get the goalie moving across the crease once the shooter gets close, and then proceeds to stop on a dime (watch the amount of ice that flies up).

With Chris Mason helpless to stop himself from sliding, Eller is able to tap the puck into an open net. He finished the game with five total points, as he also picked up an assist on Tomas Kaberle's first goal of the season, so seemingly everything he touched turned to gold.

It's always nice to see performances like Eller's, because players like him don't get much credit for their nightly contributions because they aren't elite scorers.

To reach the NHL, however, at some point in their hockey lives, they had to show some semblance of offensive talent. You don't survive multiple levels of hockey by being an average grinder. So every once in a while, fans will get surprised by a monster outing like Eller had vs. the Jets.

He'll probably never score four goals in an NHL game again, so hopefully he relished every moment of it. The fans certainly did.