Floyd Mayweather: Fighter Living It Up Before 90-Day Jail Sentence Begins

Mick AkersAnalyst IJanuary 5, 2012

courtesy of Floyd Mayweather's Instagram
courtesy of Floyd Mayweather's Instagram

In the typical over-the-top way Floyd Mayweather lives his life, in the days that are leading up to his 90-day jail sentence stemming from a domestic dispute back in 2010, Money May has been living it up as of late.

Mayweather has been dropping big money and hanging out with celebrities left and right leading up to his freedom being taken away from him for 90 days.

He has been seen enjoying sporting events such as the Los Angeles Clippers getting beat by Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls courtside at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. last week.

Oh, and then there is the money that is being thrown around that is getting the most attention around the world.

Everyone who follows the fighter on Twitter knows that he has been making big-money bets on various sports.

Bets up to six figures have been shown and proven to his over two million Twitter followers, and after a rumored $1 million dollar bet against America's favorite son, Denver Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow a few weeks back, Mayweather appears to be stacking up loot before he begins his three-month jail sentence on Friday.

His lavish use of money doesn't stop at his insane sports bets, he also posted a picture for his Twitter followers to see and drool over late last night, as he posted a picture of his latest automobile purchase, a brand new Bentley.

Sure, he has just a little over one day to enjoy his new wheels before he is thrown in the slammer, but hey, the car will be there waiting for him once his 90-day sentence (60 if he is released on good behavior) is over.

Boxing fans can only hope his over-the-top way of life continues once he is released from the Clark County Detention Center and gets the biggest payday of all landing a fall-time fight with Manny Pacquiao, where the money he would rake in for that fight would make all these sports bets and his new car seem like chump change.