Washington Wizards: 5 Positive Signs from the Team's First Week

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2012

Washington Wizards: 5 Positive Signs from the Team's First Week

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    What a week it has been for the Washington Wizards.

    They don't seem to be clicking like they should and they are still without a win.  The defense is sloppy and they just can't seem to find a way to get the ball into the bucket, or stop their opponent from doing so.

    It is easy to look at their games and highlight what they do wrong, but their faults seem to overshadow some of the positive signs that are being put on display this season.

    Here are some positive signs I've noticed in the past week with the Wizards...

John Wall's Defense

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    People always knew John Wall was a good defender, but last year as a rookie he really wasn't that good at guarding a majority of the point guards in the league.  Wall would play tight on them, reach for the ball a couple of times and then immediately the guard would blow past him.

    Let's get this straight, John Wall is a player that is just a "nagging defender."  Meaning that he will just try and frustrate you instead of actually shutting an opponent down.

    In the past Wall would have fell for many of those moves late in the fourth quarter.  Now he stays in front of the opponent a lot more than he used to.  The fact that he understood when those moves were coming showed a very positive sign of growth.

    Maybe it's him being 100 percent healthy from his injury.

Nick Young's Passing

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    Nick Young has been known as a black hole in the offense throughout his whole career.  He hasn't turned into John Stockton or anything, but he is starting to look for his teammates a lot in the first couple of outings.

    He is already averaging almost one extra assist per game compared to last year.  Young should actually try and reach four assists per night so he can shed that one-dimensional shooting guard title off him.

Trevor Booker Is Dominating Much Like Last Year

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    Once again, Trevor Booker has Wizards fans pleading Flip Saunders to give him more playing time, much like last season when he came off the bench to display furious dunks that brought "ohhhs" and "ahhhhs" to the Verizon Center.

    This year Booker has shown his improvement on his jump shot, which allows him to become more of a weapon for the Wizards.

John Wall Has His Bounce Back

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    Last season, many Wizards fans wondered what happened to the John Wall they drafted that displayed high-flying dunks and was on the receiving end of a majority of Kentucky's alley-oops in 2009.

    But last season Wall claimed that he was never really 100 percent on the court, whether it was his foot bothering him or his tendinitis.  This season he has already shown some past glimpses of what the basketball world was introduced to when he hit the spotlight in college.

    He seems more loose now and actually gets off the floor more when driving for a layup.

JaVale Is Getting Better Overall

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    What really separates a good center from an elite one is being a force both offensively and defensively.  Over JaVale McGee's career he was only known as a very athletic shot-blocking center that was raw on the offensive end.

    This year JaVale has shown a big improvement in his post game compared to last year, where most of his points came from alley-oops and dunks.

    His improvement is a big thing to this organization because it is him and John Wall that are the cornerstones to this franchise.