WWE News: Major Update on Futures of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Leo Kruger

Drake OzSenior Writer IIJanuary 5, 2012

Photo courtesy of fcwwrestling.info
Photo courtesy of fcwwrestling.info

During the last several weeks, TV tapings and house shows have been used as main roster “tryouts” of some sort, as three of the top workers from WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, got a chance to show what they could do in the ring. 

Reigning FCW Champion Leo Kruger, Seth Rollins (aka former Ring of Honor star Tyler Black) and Dean Ambrose (aka Jon Moxley) all performed at various WWE events. 

So, how did they do? And what are their prospects for a main roster call-up? 

Here is the latest on the statuses of all three stars, courtesy of PWInsider.com (via WrestlingInc.com)

FCW Champion Leo Kruger: Kruger got solid marks for pre-match mic work, playing up the gimmick of the top African athlete while working heel. The feeling is that he needs to project more and connect with the audience better. They think he has a good look.

Seth Rollins: Rollins got high marks for his in-ring work, as well as he selling as a babyface. Rollins worked a lot with Tyson Kidd on the road.

Dean Ambrose: Ambrose is reportedly viewed highly by management, both in his mic work and how he handled himself backstage. Word is that if they could find the right role for him on TV, that his delivery and voice will translate well to TV.

If there’s anything I gather from this report, it’s that Ambrose seems to be the most likely to get called up to either RAW or SmackDown in the near future. 

Ambrose has earned himself a ton of praise by both WWE officials and wrestling fans for matches like this one, the very unique way he projects himself in the ring and the belief that he is the most complete worker in WWE’s developmental system. 

Judging by the reviews of his work and what I’ve personally seen of him, Ambrose could give an instant jolt of life to the WWE’s mid-card scene as a heel, and it probably wouldn’t take him too long to work his way up to the main event. 

Ambrose is great in the ring, as is Rollins. It just seems like Ambrose is a little more complete at the moment and that Rollins may have to wait a little bit longer before he heads to the main roster. 

No worries, though. 

If you’ve seen any of Rollins’ work in ROH as Tyler Black or down in FCW, you know he’s destined to be on RAW or SmackDown sooner rather than later and that he should succeed when he gets there. 

I’d expect to see Ambrose debut relatively soon, with Rollins not too far behind and Kruger staying down in FCW for the foreseeable future. 

One thing’s for sure, though: FCW has a ton of talent at the moment.