Seton Hall Video: Watch Enthusiastic Benchwarmer Humiliate Himself

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2012

When you have played eight minutes in your entire college basketball career, finding ways to entertain yourself on the bench is a must.

Just ask Seton Hall senior guard Peter Gill.

Gill may be averaging one point and one rebound per game, but he leads the team in ridiculous celebrations.

ESPN took the liberty of providing us with a few of his high (or is it low?) lights:

First it was last year’s Big East tournament where Seton Hall drilled a three to tie up Rutgers as time was expiring. Gill leaped out of his seat and did the patented touchdown belt move that Aaron Rodgers coined and is now seen endless on that annoying State Farm commercial. It’s like he knew the three was going in and was ready for the move.

Then in last night 75-63 upset win over No. 8 UConn, Gill was acting a fool (literally).

It seemed like he had a different move for every made Seton Hall shot. He pretended to roll some dice, started doing some weird move where he looks to be dancing at the club and then the hammer plunge.

I actually think this one is hilarious, and by far the best of his moves. After a made bucket he leaps off the bench and cocks back his arm and pretends to throw the hammer down like he is trying to get hit 100 on the meter of a carnival event. Gill looks like he could chop some serious wood with that motion.  

With the way he throws it down I think even Bill Walton may be jealous.

The guy clearly has a set of moves in his mind before every game and stays focused on the game purely to be able to execute his game plan.

When you have scored two career points in your career, this is the most important thing to worry about on game day.  


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