Around the Top 25: College Basketball President’s Day Results

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IFebruary 15, 2017

Being in the newspaper business doesn’t allow me to take random Mondays off. I envy.


No. 7 Texas 77, No. 22 Texas A&M 50

Longhorns avenge the loss to the Aggies from earlier in the season, prove they’re a much better team. D.J. Augustin toyed with the Aggies, scoring 27 and dishing out nine. Texas A&M appears to have peaked and could be on pace for an eight seed, which would’ve been pretty shocking news to hear back in January.


No. 10 Xavier 81, Rhode Island 77

Xavier is officially a lock and Rhode Island lets an opportunity slip away. I was supposed to go to this game last night, but again, the whole work thing got in the way. Drats. I’m supposed to have a guest post on this affair later on today, but we’ll see if the guy who once invited me to his dorm room for some dinner during The Tournament—then went on to offer me day-old macaroni-and-cheese sitting in a two-gallon pot on his stove—comes through.


No. 12 Georgetown 68, Providence 58

Hoyas avoid a two-seed-crushing loss to the Friars, but still don’t impress all that much in the win. Sure, they came from behind late in the second half to steal this one, BUT THEY WERE PLAYING SINKING PROVIDENCE. The bad news is here actually the fact that even your casual-fan buddies will catch wind of Georgetown's overrated status and not pick them to go to the Final Four (which I’m still hoping happens).


No. 18 Louisville 61, Syracuse 50

I suspected that Syracuse wouldn’t have the horses to keep up with Louisville and boy was I right. Syracuse was positively gassed by the time the two-minute mark hit. The Orange(men) still have plenty of opportunities (Notre Dame this week) to play themselves into the Tournament, but it’s probably going to take at least 20 wins to earn it. Right now they’re at 17 with four games to go.


No. 23 Saint Mary’s 100, Pepperdine 64

I think their offense is...clicking. Patty Mills puts in 18 points to lead the Gaels, who are tip-toeing closer to lock status.



Longwood 96, N.J.I.T. 78: One more loss to glory. It goes down on Saturday at 4 p.m. against 12-14 Utah Valley State. Don’t worry, a post on it will be coming Friday.

LaSalle 90, St. Joseph’s 89: The at-large picture continues to keep itself murky. After Rhode Island’s loss, this win would have put St. Joe’s in the No. 2 spot in the A-10. Alas, a bad loss to the Explorers (one of the five worst nicknames in all of college basketball) is an ugly, black ink spot on the Hawks’ resumes.

Gonzaga 59, San Diego 55: Bulldogs hang on in an absolute dogfight to avoid a rough loss. If Gonzaga were to lose in the WCC semis or finals, this win could be the one that makes sure they sneak into the field of 65.