Philadelphia Eagles: Jeffrey Lurie Backs Andy Reid and the Status Quo

Ron PasceriCorrespondent IIJanuary 4, 2012

Reid's rapport with and support from his players is one of the main reasons he is still around.
Reid's rapport with and support from his players is one of the main reasons he is still around.Rob Carr/Getty Images

Tuesday's unexpected and anticipated press conference by Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie came and went without much consequence.

Lurie came out and teased reporters and fans alike with a grim description of this disappointing failure of a season.  After explaining his unimaginable disappointment in the season that just finished, he did a complete 180.

Lurie reinforced his faith in head coach Andy Reid, team president Joe Banner and general manager Howie Roseman.  Despite the failed season, and really the last three failed seasons, everything will stay intact.

Many in the Philadelphia area are bitterly disappointed to be told that their belief that change is needed is wrong.  Many are mired in frustration that they have to relive groundhog day with this management and coach for at least another year.  A change of pace may be nice, but now just may not be the time.

Looking at the pieces that are in place, this isn't a team that is embarking on a major overhaul. 

This team is pretty much set on both lines.  They have their quarterback, running back and tight end in place.  They may be down one wide receiver, but still have Jeremy Maclin in the fold.

On defense they have two big-name corners even if Asante Samuel ends up elsewhere.  Even their much-maligned safety group includes two second-round draft choices in Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett that will enter next season on the underside of 25 years old.  They will be given every opportunity to play.

The team will surely need to look for a veteran to add to the mix, but the only position with glaring holes is linebacker.

This team is not rebuilding.  It is not as young as Reid tried to claim a few weeks ago.  This team is truly a couple of minor tweaks away from completion.

That is not to say that they should be a Super Bowl favorite, but the three men in charge built this team the way they wanted to.  It failed this year, but many of these players will be back.

This group believes in Reid, and played hard for him to close the season.  Was the four-game winning streak merely a mirage?  Possibly.  But if the goal is to shoot for the moon in 2012, Reid is really the right choice.

This is his team, built his way for the next year or two.  If Reid can't get it done with the group he has currently assembled, then it would be time to move on, and only then.

There is really not much benefit to handing this group over to a new coaching staff.  It is built to play a certain style and it would be counterproductive to try to fit these square pegs into round holes.

By no means is this an attempt to say that Reid is the best coach money can buy or that he is the only coach who can get it done.  It is only to say that this group has been given one year together.  One year is not enough to condemn it to death.

Reid, Banner and Roseman built this team for right now.  Despite everyone's desire for something new, there is validity in letting Reid see this current experiment through.

If Reid doesn't deliver with this core group, he doesn't deserve another chance to rebuild, but he built this ship and it should be up to him to sink or swim with it.