January Transfer Rumours: 15 Best Strikers Set for Big-Money Moves

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIJanuary 4, 2012

January Transfer Rumours: 15 Best Strikers Set for Big-Money Moves

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    In the transfer window, there are plenty of strikers ready to change clubs.

    Some have been expected, while others are suddenly looking like they will be wearing a new jersey by February. Everything will get a little crazy in January, and it's important that we try to keep up with all the moves.

    Some of these strikers are big names, others are still unknowns. Still, it looks like each of these 15 strikers will be transferred this window.

    All of these are rumours, and things could change. Let me know if you have an update on any of these players, for I don't want to be spreading inaccurate rumours.

    I'll start the article with some less-exciting moves before moving into potential blockbuster transfers that could change the landscape of multiple title races.

Jordan Rhodes, Huddersfield Town

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    Everton have been struggling to put the ball in the net, and they are looking at Jordan Rhodes to help solve that problem.

    Everton have been looking at Rhodes, and they hope he's the answer.

    The Scottish international has 22 goals to his name so far, and he's looked very good for Huddersfield Town.

    He's only 21 years old, and he could be a very solid striker in the Premier League.

    Everton are looking to make a bid for him, and it would behoove them to do so.

Robbie Keane, Los Angeles Galaxy

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    Robbie Keane may have lost a step or two, but he is still a great finisher in front of the net.

    He can score goals, and he has a brief break from the end of the MLS season and the summer.

    He's looking to continue playing football, and Aston Villa are reportedly looking to take out a short loan on the striker.

    Considering Villa struggle scoring goals, Keane would be a solid addition. He wouldn't make a drastic impact, but he could definitely improve Villa's anemic attack (22 goals in 20 league matches).

Bobby Zamora, Fulham

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    Bobby Zamora is a dangerous striker, and he has proven himself at Fulham.

    Now, however, it looks like Martin Jol is hoping to send some players out of Craven Cottage.

    Zamora is among those players. He has fallen out of favor with Jol, and he is looking to make a move.

    According to MirrorFootball, Sunderland are preparing to make an £8 million bid for the striker, thinking he would make a great fit. However, it might not be that easy.

    With Zamora settled in London, he may be hesitant to make this particular move. That being said, his rocky relationship with Jol should be enough to encourage him to leave the Cottagers.

Maxi Lopez, Catania

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    Maxi Lopez is a player who could replace Bobby Zamora at Fulham.

    According to MirrorFootball, Martin Jol has made a £10 million offer for the Argentine.

    He would be a solid addition to Fulham, especially if they intend on shipping Zamora out.

    Lopez can do a lot of things up top, and if he makes the adjustment to the English game quickly, he could start scoring goals right away.

Andre-Pierre Gignac, Marseille

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    Andre-Pierre Gignac was linked to Fulham in the summer.

    Just when it looked like he would be coming to London, the deal fell through. As a result, Gignac had to stay at Marseilles.

    Now, however, it looks like he will be on his way to London after all.

    Fulham have reportedly shown interest once again, and Martin Jol is hoping to bring the striker in. Jol is hoping that his club will then be more capable of scoring goals.

    We'll have to wait and see.

Guillaume Hoarau, PSG

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    Guillaume Hoarau looks like he will end up in the English Premier League by the end of January.

    First, Fulham appeared to be ready to lock him up.

    However, Everton appear to be challenging the Cottagers for the French international.

    You can never be too sure what will happen when two teams are competing for the same player, but I imagine that Everton will be making a serious push.

    It will be interesting to see how it plays out, because Martin Jol is determined to sign a few strikers in this window.

    Hoarau could definitely score goals in the EPL. We just can't be quite sure which team it will be for.

Nikica Jelevic, Rangers

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    Nikica Jelevic has slowly been getting mentioned more and more in transfer talks.

    Rangers were intent on keeping him. However, they've now made plans in case he leaves.

    That usually means a player is leaving.

    It's not for sure, and the destination could be any number of places, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Jelevic leave. He has had a good career for Rangers, and I think it's about time he moved on.

Darren Bent, Aston Villa

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    No one can be quite sure what will happen with Darren Bent.

    Some people are sure he's leaving. Others are sure he's staying at Aston Villa. Others still are extremely confused.

    Regardless of what you may think, it's starting to look like Bent will be heading to Liverpool.

    Liverpool are looking for some attacking help, especially with Luis Suarez out and Andy Carroll playing like he is.

    They didn't look dangerous for most of their match against Manchester City, so they could really start becoming serious about bringing Bent in.

    He would give their offense a little pop, and they would have a world-class English goal scorer leading their charge. And who wouldn't want that?

    Bent is a great talent, and his services should not be under-appreciated. With that said, he is probably on his way out of Villa Park.

Edinson Cavani, Napoli

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    Edinson Cavani has started to come back up when talking about transfers coming into Chelsea.

    Andre Villas-Boas seems to like him. Considering Cavani is a world-class striker, it's hard to blame AVB.

    Cavani appears to be on Villas-Boas' wish-list for this window along with a few other great players.

    With Roman Abramovich financing the purchases, who knows how many players Chelsea bring in this month?

    Cavani can score in a variety of ways, but more importantly, Chelsea can rely on him to finish in front of the net.

    Chelsea are getting desperate, and I think they will make a few big moves this month. A Cavani purchase would be a pretty darn big move.

Luuk De Jong, FC Twente

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    Luuk De Jong is open to a move to the English Premier League.

    That's good news for Liverpool fans.

    While Lucas Podolski seems to be telling Arsenal off, De Jong has said that he is open to a move to the Premier League. That's some good news.

    Liverpool have targeted the Dutch international, and if he's willing, they would like to bring him in this month. Even with Euro 2012 right around the corner, De Jong might be willing to switch clubs in January.

    This move will take some time to develop, but I wouldn't be surprised if King Kenny Dalglish took this as an invitation to make an offer on De Jong.

Lucas Barrios, Borussia Dortmund

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    Lucas Barrios is on the way out.

    He hasn't received the playing time he's wanted at Borussia Dortmund, so he will most likely be leaving this month.

    ESPN reported that Dortmund would be willing to let Barrios go, assuming he asks to leave.

    General manager Hans-Joachim Watzke admitted he would consider selling Barrios this winter.

    Barrios has been noticeably unhappy with his playing time at Dortmund, so he will most likely try to ask for a move to another club. Tons of teams will likely go after him, but only time will tell.

    As of now, it looks like he's on the way out. As for to whom, we'll just wait and see.

Gonzalo Higuain, Real Madrid

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    Gonzalo Higuain is one of the best strikers in the world, and he is most likely on his way out of Real Madrid.

    He has been in form for Madrid this year, but that doesn't mean he'll be playing for Jose Mourinho's side in February.

    Chelsea have reportedly made contact with the Argentine about coming to Stamford Bridge.

    Andre Villas-Boas wants to bolster his attack, and there aren't many better players available than Higuain. He's happy at Madrid, so a move won't be easy.

    However, Villas-Boas is determined, and Chelsea will make a very hefty offer for Higuain's services.

    It may take a little while to develop, but this move will most likely happen. Expect Higuain to be in Chelsea blue soon enough.

Alexandre Pato, AC Milan

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    Alexandre Pato's situation has been pretty crazy.

    On Monday, it appeared that he would stay in Milan, for he was happy and the team wanted him.

    Then, on Tuesday, it was reported that Manchester City were looking to pull off a switch that would land Pato at City or PSG.

    I'm not sure what to believe.

    On one hand, a coach standing behind his player means a lot. However, he might just be talking a nice talk.

    In actuality, he could be dangling Pato around to other clubs, seeing what he could get for the Brazilian.

    Rumours are rumours, and Pato's situation explains that big time. With that said, I don't see all this talk, with multiple clubs involved, resulting in Pato staying at Milan.

    It's not impossible. However, I just think it's improbable that he stays in Milan.

Mario Balotelli, Manchester City

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    It sounds odd, but Mario Balotelli's name has been thrown out there in transfer talks.

    He is a great player, but he's a bit of a headcase.

    As a result, I could see Roberto Mancini moving Balotelli from the starting XI to the transfer list in a matter of weeks.

    Balotelli has been rumored to be going to AC Milan.

    Look—it could simply be talk, but it might be more than that.

    Milan have been talking to Manchester City for a long while, ever since the Carlos Tevez fiasco. At some point, someone might've mentioned Balotelli coming with Tevez. That talk could've become more serious, and get us to this point.

    That last paragraph is speculative, but there is a report (above) that links Balotelli to Milan. It could all be talk, but a transfer like that deserves attention.

    It would be a huge transfer, and with City's abundance of riches, it doesn't seem all that implausible.

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

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    Big surprise, huh?

    Carlos Tevez is leaving Manchester City, and that is a fact.

    It hasn't officially happened yet, but the troubled Argentine striker is more than happy to leave City.

    His manager, Roberto Mancini, is probably more than happy to let him leave.

    Mancini revealed that Tevez has almost completed the move to Milan, and it is only a matter of days.

    Tevez had some great moments for City, but his falling out(s) with Mancini proved too much for the former captain. He shared the Golden Boot last year, but he hasn't played much this year.

    As a result, he is more than happy to leave.

    Tevez is a tremendous talent, and he will be the first of many big-time strikers moving this January.