NHL Winter Classic 2010

Jimmy KimmelContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

Which Venues Should Host the Next Classic?

I love the idea of having one outdoor NHL game every year, but only one. If you have a second, third, or fourth outdoor game, it looses it's allure. So with that being said, here are my top three venues for the 2010 Winter Classic.


1. Citizen's Bank Park—Philadelphia, PA

The Flyers are a very popular team. They are a very fun team to watch and open up many classic opponents that could draw ratings and fans. Rivalry games between New York, New Jersey, Boston, Pittsburgh, or Detroit would make a great game.

Now to the venue. Citizen's Bank Park is a beautiful stadium that has newly-minted history with the recent championship by the Phillies. The fans in Philadelphia are top notch, and are, in my opinion, the best in sports.

2. Fenway Park—Boston, MA

Boston is one of the most surprising teams this year and is arguably doing more with less talent than anyone in the NHL. Much like Philadelphia, there are many intriguing match ups that are possible.

Fenway is a national treasure. It would match what was done this year by using the historic Wrigley Field. Boston fans are very passionate, and nothing would be more thrilling than watching a game with the Green Monster in the backdrop.

3. New Yankee Stadium—New York, NY

A good team with good fans. New York has always been the center of the sports universe. The Rangers could easily draw record crowds with almost anyone they play.

The New Yankee Stadium could really gain the allure of hosting a NHL game and could start to live up to its predecessor.

There are two other venues that nearly made it into the top three. My honorable mentions are National Stadium in Washington, D.C., and Coors Field in Denver, CO.