Florida Vs. Oklahoma: Position Vs. Position Break Down

Tim BondCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

Florida Back Seven vs. Oklahoma WRs, TEs, and RBs

The Florida secondary is a good one. However, they have only had to face a schedule that included facing teams that averaged just 205 passing yards per game. In this game, they will be facing a team that has passed for 75 yards per game more than the best passing offense they have faced.

Oklahoma WRs have not seen a secondary like this. Loaded with speed and the ability to shut down the pass, Florida has allowed just 174 yards per game through the air. The problem for Florida is the ability to not only cover the TE, but some very elusive running backs and a very fast slot receiver.

Florida will have to shut down 5 legitimate threats to take the ball all the way every time they touch the ball. Something they are not used to seeing this season.

Advantage: Oklahoma

Florida D-line vs. Oklahoma O-line

Florida is very fast on the defensive line. They are just as physical as they are speedy. However, after watching the Alabama/Utah game, the Oklahoma O-line will be the best that they have faced this season.

Oklahoma has potentially 5 NFL draftees on their starting line. No other team in FBS college football can say that. The problem coming into this game for Oklahoma is the speed off the ends.

Oklahoma's tackles have struggled in the past when facing quick and agile defensive ends.

Coming into this game, Florida has not faced an O-Line that can run and pass block like this Sooner Unit. The Oklahoma offensive line is the reason the Sooners have scored over 700 points this season.

Advantage: Even

Oklahoma Back Seven vs. Florida WRs, TEs, and RBs

The advantage Oklahoma has coming into the National Championship is the fact that they have played against some very good offenses this year. However, the straight away speed and the elusiveness of the skilled players for Florida will pose a major problem for Oklahoma. Oklahoma will definitely be challenged by the likes of Percy Harvin and Tebow. Along with Demps and other speedy small running backs. Florida can bust a big play at any moment.

Advantage: Florida

Oklahoma D-Line vs. Florida O-Line

Florida's offensive line will be one of the better O-Lines that Oklahoma will face this season. The same can be said for Florida against the Sooner D-Line.

Oklahoma is No. 3 in the nation in sacks and No. 1 in tackles for loss this season. The speed and power of both of these units will test each other early and often. Oklahoma's D-Line does have the speed to stay up with the spread option of Florida. And that should pose a big problem for Florida.

Advantage: Oklahoma

Sam Bradford vs. Florida Defense

There is a reason why this young man won the 2008 Heisman Trophy. I have had the privilege of watching Sam Bradford in person. It is impressive how quick he sees the field and how he goes from one WR to the next and then back.

I have not seen a college QB have this ability since the mid 1990s when Peyton Manning was at Tennessee. If Florida is unable to get pressure on Bradford, Sam will pick apart the Gator defense with surgical precision.

Tim Tebow vs. Oklahoma Defense

Tim Tebow set a precedent a year ago. He is a very good leader on and off the field. He wills his team to win. He runs the Florida spread option very well.

However, he is going to be going up against a defense that loves to lay the wood on opposing WRs and Runners. Tebow better be prepared for the hits. The advantage for Florida—he does not commit turnovers. He has only thrown for 2 interceptions this season. That in itself is very amazing.

The biggest problem for Tebow starts if he is forced to play out of his element and that is throwing the rock more than running the option. However, he has proven to be accurate when he does throw. But is he when he has to throw more than 25 times in a game?


This game on paper looks very even on offense and one sided on defense. It appears on paper that Florida has the edge. However, let's not discount what OU brings to the game. This game to me looks to be very evenly matched and should be fun to watch.

The spread is set at 3.5 points in favor of Florida right now. That seems about right and could go for either team in my opinion. Look for both teams to start off slow after such a long lay off.

However, watch for the fast scoring and hurry up offense of Oklahoma to take its toll on Florida's defense. Florida's offense plays into the hands of Oklahoma's defense.

Advantage: Oklahoma