Gianluigi Buffon on Inter Milan: "The Best Do Not Always Win"

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IJanuary 3, 2009

When a lot of athletes have a press conferences, it's pretty easy to predict what they are going to say. That is the nature of sports: just a bunch of cliches.

However, when Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon steps up to the mic, you never know what he is going to say.

After Juve's first training session of 2009 in Vinovo, Buffon talked about everything from from his thoughts on a move to England to who might be the next great young Italian goalkeeper.

However, the bulk of his press conference was the world's best goalkeeper talking about what he thinks of Inter Milan and the Scudetto race.

"Inter is what we expected. Many say that if Inter win the scudetto this would be the least for Mourinho," he said. "I think after the titles won it would be very clever of them to adapt to a new coach and win again."

"Inter favourites? The squad is superior to others. Juventus is a great team which is doing great in the championship and can gain a lot of satisfaction playing some trick on Inter if the latter slips."

"The best do not always win."

Despite everything that have happened to Juve on the injury front this season, they trail Inter by only six points and look to be the only team that have a legitimate chance to catch the Nerazzurri for the Scudetto.

"Without certain players the team did very well. Even we must have thought that without us the team would find more difficulty," Buffon said. "But we were proven wrong and this is something great. Inter without (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic would find themselves in more difficulty."

"They are not only Ibra, though, and deserve praise for staying at the top for two to three years. Inter have a superior squad to the rest, but Juve are having a great campaign."

However, unlike last season, Juve have another title they are trying to get a hold of.

When the Champions League returns in February, the Bianconeri will take on Chelsea in one of the most interesting Round of 16 battles.

"In respect to the last four or five years, it is a Chelsea with some more problems compared to others years," Buffon said. "But in the Champions League things are different because certain problems are left behind when you play such a trophy."