NBC Sports Network: Deal Between NBC and Comcast Shows ESPN Is Dead in the Water

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2012

ESPN is involved in a network battle with everyone who tries to dedicate a portion of their company to sports coverage. That competition just got even fiercer with the introduction of the NBC Sports Network, a joint venture from NBC and Comcast.

The stranglehold that ESPN had on sports coverage is no longer going to be as tight.

For years, ESPN has been the worldwide leader is sports, but times have changed. More companies are in on the business and many are doing the job better. Comcast is one of those companies.

Comcast started in the Philadelphia area and has grown through its willingness and ability to give the fans what they want.

While ESPN has been able to outbid everybody on what seems like every major sport, the NBC Sports Network has the financial backing now to extend the NHL and look to add other major sports.

As time goes on, expect the NBC Sports Network to steal much of the business that ESPN has right now. While NBC Sports isn’t all that impressive yet, the financial support will make them major players against ESPN for the next 20 years.

And that’s just on the television front.

While NBC Sports Network attacks ESPN from one side, the Internet portion of their site is being overrun by other companies focusing solely on the web. Companies like Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports are forcing ESPN to spread their troops thin in an effort to dominate both TV and the Internet, but it is ultimately making them weaker in both areas.

There was a time when ESPN was on the cutting edge of sports coverage, but it has lost its flare and there are other companies trying to claim that top spot. ESPN will always be known for sports, but it doesn’t have that same aura anymore.



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