WWE It Begins 2012: Why Hate Chris Jericho?

Ryan MartinContributor IIIJanuary 3, 2012

"It begins" so have some patience
"It begins" so have some patienceBill Olive/Getty Images

Last night, the mystery man behind the It Begins promos was revealed to be "Y2J" Chris Jericho.

After weeks of hype about a possible Jericho return, he arrived. 

And then, he said nothing and drew some legit heat for it. 

This highlighted, yet again, something I examined in a recent article—the IWC will never truly be happy. 

I literally lost count of the number of articles that pined for the return of Y2J. And then I lost count of the number of articles that ridiculed his return after last night.

Ever wonder why the WWE always rushes story lines?

Probably because we don't allow them time to develop. 

Most look at the physical attributes of the return—the dead crowd, the lack of promo and the strangeness of it all. Crowds are always dead. Yes, Chicago was electric, but their hometown boy was in a WWE title fight that night and just happened to be in the middle of the best story line of 2011. 

The crowd was not helped either by the horrendous booking of the show in what seemed to be an acid test for CM Punk's title reign in regards to ratings. But in all the hate, people are missing the point and forgetting that the promo made reference to more than one entity.

The clue was really in the name of the promo—"It Begins." I never expected all my questions to be answered last night. In truth, now have so many more questions need answers.

Who is the mysterious she? Is Jericho Heel or Face? And who is he feuding with?

There is no need to bury this return after one day. I, for one, am excited about what lies ahead, regardless of all the negative articles from writers once pining for Jericho's return.