WWE It Begins: Chris Jericho's Return Was Brilliant; He Trolled You All

Evan FeinCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2012

The meek shall be trolled for their inequity
The meek shall be trolled for their inequity

I wasn't too surprised to see Chris Jericho come back after weeks of creepy vignettes. Like many people expected, the Millennium Man made his grand return on the latest edition of Raw.

And this was not your ordinary comeback. I expected Jericho to come back and interfere in the match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. That would be the obvious way to set up the rumored Punk-Jericho bout at WrestleMania 28. But Jericho, a master at pushing the buttons of fans, avoided the obvious and pulled off one of the greatest troll jobs in WWE history.

Rather than cut a promo, he dropped the mic and began prancing around the ring with a smile that would make DDP jealous. It looked as if Jericho was returning as a face. But he once again picked up the mic, and once again dropped. His antics became more bizarre as he rolled outside and literally started skipping around the ring. He must have high-fived every person in the front row, and even posed for a picture with some of the fans.

When he went back in the ring and didn't speak, I started to suspect something was up. The segment had dragged on for several minutes and nothing was happening. Jericho pointed to just about every section of the arena, eliciting even more cheers from the fans. After taking one last look at the mic in the ring, he went back up the ramp and pranced around in front of the Titantron.

Some of the fans did get it, as boo's started mixing in with the chorus of cheers. Chris Jericho is trolling us. He is trolling the so called "smarks" who thought they had the "It Begins" promos figured out from the get go. Rather than return as a heel and immediately attack a major face, he flipped the script. His return was reminiscent of comebacks made by The Rock and Bret Hart in recent years, only it was done in a completely over the top manner.

Expect Jericho to keep up this game of cat and mouse with the fans for a couple of weeks. He'll continue acting like a face, but gradually rub the fans the wrong way with his antics. By March he'll be a full blown heel, ready to take on CM Punk.

Nobody should be disappointed by Jericho's return. Rather than give us the same old thing, Jericho  did something completely unexpected. This is the type of creativity the company needs going forward. Fresh new idea's and fresh angles are what keeps people interested. Jericho was never all that great as a face. But as a heel, his psychology is second to none.