Phoenix Suns: 3 Ways for the Team to Right the Ship

Roberto Payne@@HouseofPayne555Contributor IJanuary 3, 2012

Phoenix Suns: 3 Ways for the Team to Right the Ship

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    The Phoenix Suns have opened up the season 2-3 and Suns fans everywhere are bound to have concerns about the team. Few believe this Phoenix team is destined for the playoffs and these first five games haven't given the fans much hope.

    In order to improve and make the playoffs, the team has to be more efficient offensively and get better production from their starters among other things. Read on for three ways the Phoenix Suns can fix their problems and give the team a better chance of making the playoffs.

Rest Grant Hill Until He's Fully Healthy

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    Grant Hill hurt his right knee in training camp and his play has been affected by the injury. He doesn't seem to get the normal amount of lift on his shot and it simply seems like the knee is bothering him. He needs to rest this injury before a sprain turns into something much worse.

    Hill is the best defender on the team and the Suns can not afford to lose him for an extended period of time. Sitting Hill now is much better for his health and allows him extra energy down the stretch.

    The team might suffer now, but sitting Grant Hill is in its best interest.

Get Better Production from the Starting Unit

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    So far, in four of five games this season, the leading scorer for the Suns has been a member of the bench. While that is an indicator of an effective bench, it also points to a subpar starting unit.

    It’s well known that the Suns lack a go-to scorer and the amount of bench production further illustrates this fact. Someone on the starting unit, other than Steve Nash, needs to step up and produce enough to be considered a go-to scorer.

    Obviously, this is easier said than done and might require Alvin Gentry to tweak the starting lineup. Inserting Markieff Morris into the starting lineup is one move that could pay huge dividends considering how much Channing Frye is struggling.

Get Out and Run!

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    I never thought I would say this about the Phoenix Suns, but the team is playing too slow. Last season’s team ran at every opportunity and was one of the better fast break teams in the NBA. This year’s team relies much more on half-court offense.

    While it never hurts to execute in the half court, this team is averaging 89.3 points per game, which is not enough to be consistently in games. I’ve never seen a Suns team score so woefully and the lack of fast break is a big reason for this.

    Steve Nash is one of the best point guards at finding teammates in the open court and the team needs to utilize that ability much more.