The Top 10 WWE Matches of The 21st Century

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The Top 10 WWE Matches of The 21st Century

This only my fourth Bleacher Report article so if there are a couple of mistakes I apologize in advance.

I would have loved to have made this a best of all time list but I'm only 14, so I haven't been around long enough to be able to witness some of the supposed all time greats such as Steamboat vs. Flair so I felt it would be unfair and wouldn't be a proper list if I called it an all time list and didn't include some of these matches.

So playing it safe I thought I'd stick to just a 21st century list and include the best WWE matches. I would have also liked to include WCW (remember them!) but considering WCW was only good in the 90's and since the turn of the millenium could only offer us a 300-year-old Hogan vs. Buff Bagwell, I made the list WWE exclusive.

There were about 20 matches that could have made the list so in the end I choose to pick the ones I enjoyed the most rather than the ones that were technically the best (well one match got in the list for precisely that though).

Remember, this is my own opinion so if you don't agree leave a comment offering your views, plus if you feel I've ranked the matches in the wrong order of just completely left them of the list (I'll have probably forget a few off here) leave a comment for that too.

There have been many matches that I've enjoyed this century so I thought it would only be fair to give a couple of matches a mention that just missed the list:

Elimination Chamber (Survivor Series 2002)
Royal Rumble 2000
Royal Rumble 2008
HBK v Y2J Ladder match(No Mercy 2008)
HBK v HHH Last Man Standing (Royal Rumble 2004)
HBK v Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania 21)

So don't expect to see these on the list, all that's left to write now is read, enjoy and comment...

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