WWE Breaking News: Chris Jericho Responds to Possible Airport Photo and More

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 2, 2012

Chris Jericho has taken it to the social media and/or the IWC once again.

In the latest "The End Begins" speculation and saga, an apparent photo of Chris Jericho at a Nashville airport went viral.

The first response from Jericho and his @IamJericho Twitter account was a little after 11 a.m. EST this morning, which read: 

"Apparently I've been cloned...or somebody has started a great rumour!! "

If that weren't enough, Jericho has gone even further to play with our minds since he thinks we are all #internetfools.

Jericho has now retweeted several Twitter users posting photoshopped pictures of Jericho carrying his luggage at several places over the world.

In either an attempt to throw us of or make us confused, he is doing a good job at that.

It would be a shock for Jericho to be playing with his return this much if it weren't true.  However, I think it would be more positive for his return if he was just staying quiet about it all together today.

With social media being such a big part of WWE's world today, Jericho could be told to embrace it to keep the fuel on the fire.

Also, rumors are that The Undertaker and Michelle McCool have been spotted together in Tennessee tonight. I am with the majority that the photo of them that is going around on that is indeed fake.

Not trying to read to much into it, but it is nearly 40 degrees in Memphis right now, and neither McCool or Taker look like they are dressed for cold and windy weather.

While in Jericho's photo, most people around him looked dressed for the weather except Jericho himself. Keep in mind that 40-degree weather and wind on a sunny day has nothing on Mr. Canada.

There is no telling to be completely honest. I do believe Jericho is making his return tonight, but I am heading into tonight's show with tons of anticipation.

So, all in all, WWE is doing a good job with this 1/2/12 mystery.