WWE Breaking News: Former Superstar Chris Jericho Spotted at Memphis Airport

JB 2.0Contributor IIIJanuary 2, 2012

See the photo? We gotcha Jericho.

In a world of social media and everyone whose anyone having the ability to film someone or take a picture, you cannot get away with anything anymore.

Whether it's cheating on your wife, robbing a store or making a possible return to WWE, you just cannot be anonymous anymore as a celebrity.

Jericho was spotted at the airport in Memphis by Twitter user Connor Hart. He was waiting on his luggage at the airport when the pic was taken. Due to the fact that WWE RAW Supershow is in Memphis tonight at the FedEx Forum, I think it's safe to say that Jericho is going to be on the show tonight.

Most were expecting Jericho for the 1/2/12 role, and what I find most exciting is that we will see a new Chris Jericho.

He said in the past that he won't come back as the same WWE Superstar he was when he left. He'd have a new gimmick, a new way about him, a new everything. It wasn't going to be the same. AGAIN!

There was a thought that he would be coming back as a prophet who warns people of the end and tells them to repent. This works out well, seeing as the promos speak of a prophet returning. He is supposed to have a short run with WWE and not be around for a long period of time.

This gimmick would work out well until December of 2012, because if the world didn't end, Jericho would no longer have a good gimmick to work with.

Sadly though, the surprise is now gone.

WWE would love for it to be a surprise and so would Jericho. This is why Chris has been trying to throw the heat off of himself, and he has done a relatively good job in doing so via Twitter.

But while the casual fan who doesn't know Jericho that well would think he is telling the truth, the hardcore fans know Jericho and how he is.

Meaning we knew you were lying, Jericho. But it's OK, because we're happy to see you back anyway.