How Is Utah Not The National Champion?

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2009

13-0. Undefeated. No losses. The ONLY Division-I (FBS) team out of 119 to win all of their games. 

Despite the extremely compelling and professional argument above, the Utah Utes will not be crowned national champions when the final college football polls come out. Why? Because the BCS says so. 

A poll of writers, a poll of coaches, and four out of six computers have deemed that the winner of a game between two one-loss teams will win the title, while an impressive undefeated team looks in from the outside, knowing it did everything it could.

I understand the strength-of-schedule argument. I really do. As impressive as Ball State's near-undefeated season was, they didn't play anyone good, and I could understand if they weren't given a chance. 

Utah, on the other hand, couldn't do much more. They beat three top-15 teams in their final four games of the season. This includes a win over a previously No. 1 ranked team in Alabama, whose loss to Florida in the SEC title game vaulted the Gators into the national championship game.

They also beat Michigan at the Big House, which at the time was a big and surprising win (3-9, who knew?). Another big win was over Oregon State, who beat USC and was one win away from a Rose Bowl appearance. 

I'm not trying to discount the impressive seasons of Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, or USC.  I'm also not insinuating that Utah would beat any of those teams, although last night proves they should be given the chance. I'm just trying to say that you play who is on your schedule, and the Utes beat everyone on theirs.

Yes, Oklahoma and Florida's schedules were tougher, and their conferences are filled with better teams and tougher opponents. But each of these teams has one loss. Let's take a closer look at their losses. 

Florida lost to Ole Miss, an unranked team (at the time). At home. Yesterday, Ole Miss beat Texas Tech, who beat Texas, who beat Oklahoma. 

I know what you're saying, you could do this all day. And you can, for 118 of the 119 teams. The other one won all their games. So until there is a playoff system to decide this once and for all, a so-called "non-BCS" team gets left out of the party.