Brock Lesnar: Why He Wants to but Cannot Return to World Wrestling Entertainment

JB 2.0Contributor IIIJanuary 1, 2012

I know what you're thinking: another Brock Lesnar article. Well, maybe you'll be happy to know that my side of the story won't be the same as you see in most other articles.

Obviously, with the retirement of Brock Lesnar from mixed martial arts, and more importantly UFC, people have speculated that he will return to WWE, where he was for just two years.

At this time last year, The Undertaker, a man who is known for his love of MMA, attended the UFC 121 event. It was the night Lesnar lost his UFC Heavyweight Championship. Whether he was sent there by Vince McMahon or went on his own accord, Taker made it look as if Lesnar was eying a WWE return.

Taker and Lesnar have a history with one another, and it's funny to me that The Phenom would want Lesnar in the squared circle. He hasn't been Lesnar's biggest fan, really. He was very much against Lesnar during his WWE time and has really no respect for him.

You could tell that Lesnar was not a big fan of WWE while he was there, despite how over he was with the crowd. He tells people even today that he barely had time off and can't really remember his time in WWE because he was on pain pills and vodka most of the time.

Lesnar really didn't have many breaks. He was the WWE champion numerous times and only had some time off when he hurt his neck at Wrestlemania. Lesnar once competed with three broken ribs.

Brock now realizes that WWE was a big part of his life, and without it, I guarantee he's not as big a draw for UFC. He knows that and knows that MMA may not be for him.

I've got to give Lesnar some credit, though, he came back from two life-threatening injuries and fought at a top level. He may have lost his final two fights, but he left knowing he made his stamp on the history of not only UFC but MMA.

He beat top guys in MMA such as Randy Couture and Frank Mir. Two former numerous-time UFC champions. And he handed Shane Carwin his first loss in the UFC. Not easy tasks for someone so green to MMA like Lesnar.

He even held the UFC Heavyweight Championship, which is far from chump talk. Like him or love him, Lesnar simply showed he was one of the baddest men on the planet.

Lesnar was only in MMA for close to two years, same as he was in WWE. But, the thing is, since he can no longer really take the real-life pounding of MMA, pro wrestling would be the better bet for him. He could easily work a part-time schedule like Shawn Michaels did or even have an Undertaker-like schedule.

Brock's main problem with WWE was not the fans, not the talent, not even Vince McMahon. His problem was with the WWE schedule and how the organization treated top talent at the time.

In WWE, a lot of the time you have to work through injuries. Nowadays, if you have an injury, WWE takes it easy on you for a bit, taking away some wrestling time. And if it's a serious injury, it makes you stay out until you're cleared to compete.

Lesnar didn't have this luxury back then. Nor did he have the Wellness Policy in full force. It really didn't get hot until he left.

Once Eddie Guerrero passed away, WWE began pushing a policy but after Chris Benoit's death, WWE added a Wellness Policy that was in full force and had no exceptions, even for top talent.

People like Rey Mysterio have been suspended for violating it as well as Jeff Hardy, two of WWE's top draws at the time.

Due to all of this, and a lighter schedule, WWE would be ideal for Lesnar. He already has built-in rivalries and could easily be a major name in WWE for years to come.

He has basically rebuilt a relationship with WWE and even some of its fans. He would be able to bring fans back to WWE that left, and it seems WWE would want him back any time.

He has done so much to show the fans that he is probably coming back one day.

The thing is, though, he may want to return but can't due to still being under contract with UFC. Now, usually Dana White makes the contracts for so many fights. So, he may have put Lesnar on the hook for five fights and if he's only done three or four, he still has to do one more fight to get the money from his contract. Otherwise, he may have to pay UFC to get out of it.

If White is paying him annually, then Lesnar may have another year on his contract. Dana White even said, "Lesnar is retired, but he is retired under contract".

Pretty much, he was saying that Lesnar isn't going to WWE because he is still officially with UFC.

So, sorry to Chris Jericho for bursting his bubble, but it's not going to be Lesnar behind tomorrow's 1.2.12 video vignettes. Obviously, Jericho is behind it and is trying to throw it off to someone else for anyone who will listen. Nice try, Jericho, we all know by now.

People may be asking if Lesnar could just get out of his UFC contract and then come to WWE soon after? Even if there is a 90-day clause, he'd be back by Wrestlemania time!

But come on, people; think about it. Would you go home and rack up money doing nothing or go put your body on the line when you have no need to?

I'd go with the first: stay home racking up money until the contract expires. He is already set for life, and money is the last of his worries. He could retire from MMA and not go into pro wrestling for years if he chose to.

He has a beautiful wife and family that he would like to be with. Why not take a year or so off to be with them and eye a Mania return next year? It would be a good time to heal up and then be fresh for a part-time WWE schedule.

So, that would be one reason I'd say he cannot go to WWE right now. He needs time to heal up and be with his family.

Sorry to those who thought Lesnar was a lock for Wrestlemania this year, but WWE's money isn't as alluring when you have enough to take care of yourself and your family for a long time.

Something else would have to make Lesnar want to get off the couch immediately. What that is, I'm not so sure.

But what do you think?

Can Lesnar go to WWE right now or are all of these other things preventing him from doing so?