Roll Over Tide, Roll Over: BCS Debacle

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009


The seventh ranked (No. 7) Utah Utes just finished at 13-0.  Spanked the Tide tonight in the Big Easy.


Rodney Dangerfield = Mountain West Conference.

"No Respect."

Thirty-plus end-of-year bowls in NCAA Division 1-A and still no definitive National Champion.  The fourth-ranked Tide's to blame.  Bama really screwed things up for the NCAA.

Or shall we say the Utes did.  No...Bama did. The Utes had no pressure on them.  Utah played superbly this evening.  Dominated the Tide.  Wasn't even close.


21-0 after the first quarter.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  There were many stunned, sullen looks at the Super Dome after one quarter.

Sugar never tasted so sweet, or sour depending on your perspective.  This wasn't supposed to happen.  Not on this night, not in this game.  But it did.  And the debate will begin.


The Utah Utes, your NCAA Division 1-A National Champions. Why not?  Impressive road wins at Michigan, Air Force, and New Mexico. Late-season thrashings of San Diego State, BYU, and now Alabama.

Would the Utes give either Florida or Oklahoma a run for their money? Don't be shy.  Don't be ashamed.  It's okay.  You can all put your hands down now.


Ya see, The NCAA DOES have a pigskin problem.  College football and its conferences are not mutually exclusive static entities.  Some NCAA conferences improve faster than others.

Its called, "free market competition."  Could this be true with the Mountain West?  Or how about the Western Athletic Conference?

Remember Boise State?

13-0 Boise State.

Boise State, which finished No. 5 in 2007.  Boise State, who shocked the mighty Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl?

There are some pretty good teams coming out of the Northwest these days.

Another team from the Northwest have done it again. And it wasn't even a close game.  The Utes dominated this contest against the dynastic Tide, thoroughly and completely humiliating the Crimson this evening.

The Southeastern Conference has seen better days, no doubt.

Has NCAA's ranking system for Division 1-A become obsolete?  Look at it this way.

Let's say the Carolina Panthers went 16-0 in their first season in the NFL, and the Panthers had a soft schedule their first year.  The NFL decides not to not include the Panthers in the playoffs.  First-year team, soft schedule, not playoff worthy.

Didn't really EARN it.  Does that make sense?  A simple "no" will do.

We are dealing with a dinosaur mentality here.  And a lot of greed.  Has the NCAA reached a critical mass regarding its distribution of wealth?

Is the NCAA just another big huge corporation that remains loyal to its old guard, to teams like the Bamas, the Gators, the Wolverines, and the Irish?

It's a complicated situation, not one easily resolved.  A big mess if you ask me.  Lots of factions, many competing interests.

I think this situation mimics a broader problem in America today.  Call it regionalism.  It hits at the core of who we are as a country.

We are made of individual parts with competing interests.  The NCAA has many of the same problems the car industry has.

For instance, some states wanted the "Big Three" automobile bailout, others did not.  If your state makes Toyotas and Hondas, would you back a bailout?  A free pass for your competitors?

Have the NCAA and some of its old guard conferences become lazy dinosaurs?


This is getting a bit creepy.  Scary in fact.

Ok Utes, congrats once again.  Thanks for stirring things up.  And broadening the discussion.

My name is Alan Paul Lupiani.  Therefore Utes, you win my APL Top Ranking of the Year.

Utah Utes, National Champs!

Alan Lupiani is a contributor to the Bleacher Report and also produces a daily sports talk podcast called "The Alan Show - Morning Sports Bite."

You can find his podcast here.


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