It Begins 2012: WWE Systemic Failures and Why Jericho Won't Matter

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It Begins 2012: WWE Systemic Failures and Why Jericho Won't Matter
Jack Bauer?

Excuse me for a moment, while I brush the dust off of my keyboard...


It's been a few months since my last article, mostly due to a hectic holiday schedule and Skyrim. (Which will not be mentioned again, because two mentions of the game forces you to play it.  It's a learned reflex.)

However, even though I've been gone a while from Bleacher, I have still watched the WWE regularly. 

Since my last article, I have seen the WWE run a play book that was literally written by myself and many of the Bleacher and IWC faithful around the Internet. 

CM Punk as WWE Champion?


The Reduction of John Cena's role in the title picture?


Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion?

Check. (I still can't believe it.)

Zach Ryder as The United States Champion?


The WWE has literally bent over backwards of late trying to please the voices on the World Wide Web. Barrett is getting the push he deserves, The mask is back on Kane and off of Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton is being shown as vulnerable, even Dolph Ziggler is getting more respect now.  

Throw in the return of Booker T. to the ring, the appearance of popular icons like The Rock, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mick Foley, and it's a veritable smorgasbord (thank you, spell check) of the WWE throwing everything but the kitchen sink at their ratings problem.

However, the WWE might want to find a wrench and unscrew that sink, because none of it is working.

In spite of all of this, the ratings are still sinking below the 3.0 mark for Raw, and recently, C.M. Punk, PWI's Wrestler of The Year and Internet Darling, just pulled in the worst ratings for a Raw finale in 15 years. 

How is it that the WWE can give the fans everything that they want, and still fail? 

Because the WWE fails to understand, or fails to address, the deep systemic issues that plague the product.  Until the WWE addresses these issues, nothing they do will work.

Jericho came back on Monday, and it won't matter a month from now.

Lesnar can show up and wrestle the Undertaker at WM this year, and it won't matter two weeks afterwards.  The Rock did the same thing at Survivor Series, and does it matter now? 


Until the WWE is willing to do the things they dread doing the most, the WWE will continue to decline.

But what are those things?

Let's take a look...

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