UFC 141 Results: Chael Sonnen Tweets "Brock Was Robbed!!!"

John HeinisSenior Analyst IDecember 31, 2011

Fans of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar could not have been happy with the way his main-event fight with Alistair Overeem, a former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, went down.

Lesnar looked tentative with his strikes and had no interest in clinching up with "The Reem." His hesitancy to engage with Overeem proved warranted, as a few knees to the body and a body kick to the liver spelled the beginning of the end for Brock.

From there, Lesnar crumpled to the mat and covered up as Overeem rained down punches until referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in and called it a fight. 

However, a certain outspoken UFC middleweight saw things differently, according to his Twitter account. Shortly after the fight ended, Chael Sonnen tweeted: 

"Brock was robbed!!!"

Sonnen's tweet was an interesting interpretation given the way the bout unfolded, but before anyone could ask any questions, he summed up the way he saw the fight end: 

"Brock was getting ready to leap all over that big bum. He was loading himself on the floor, like a coiled spring, and they stopped it..."

Well, that's one way to look at it. Apparently, Uncle Chael was so disgusted by the fight stoppage that he is considering hanging up the gloves himself, just as Lesnar publicly announced after the fight:

I've grown skeptical of a sport that tolerates the type of injustice that Brock faced tonight. So, I am retiring. 

However, this morning Sonnen clarified that he still has some appearances in the Octagon left in him:

Not immediately.

Of course, like everyone else, Sonnen will retire one day, but that day has not come yet. 

The former Division I two-time All-American wrestler has not been a big fan of Lesnar in the past, so just in case there was any ambiguity here, it seems pretty apparent "The Gangster from Oregon" simply got a kick out of seeing Lesnar again lose decisively.

If there was any question of Uncle Chael's opinion of Lesnar prior to UFC 141, check out this Sonnen quote from September of 2010

I'm Brock Lesnar. I've got this $5 haircut and a knife tattooed on my chest.' I'll shove it up your face if you get in Chael Sonnen's way.