UFC 141 Results: What We Learned from Diego Nunes vs. Manny Gamburyan

Tim McTiernanCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2011

In the first fight of the night on the preliminary card of UFC 141, a featherweight matchup took place between Diego Nunes and Manny Gamburyan.

It was a back and forth fight, with no fighter truly gaining a major advantage, but Nunes took the victory.

Here's what we learned from the bout:

What We'll Remember about This Fight

The big punch that Manny landed in the second round that had Nunes in trouble was a memorable moment. If Manny could have followed up just a bit more, Gamburyan may have been able to pull out the knockout victory. However, Nunes got the win.

What We Learned about Diego Nunes

He can recover really quickly. He was hurt badly by the punch, and he was able to shake it off and survive to keep on fighting.

We also just learned a bit more that Nunes does have some outstanding kicks.

What We Learned about Manny Gamburyan

He's one tough SOB. After the fight, you could see his ribs and the damage from Nunes' kicks. It was no walk in the park to take those.

What's Next for Nunes?

Next up for Nunes will likely be a matchup with someone like Mark Hominick or Chan Sung Jung.

What's next for Gamburyan?

With this, his third loss in a row, Gamburyan could be facing a release from the promotion. However, if he sticks around, a matchup with someone from the recent season of The Ultimate Fighter could make sense.

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