WWE's Rendezvous with the Real Deal: Life Anatomy of a Pro-Wrestling Angle

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WWE's Rendezvous with the Real Deal: Life Anatomy of a Pro-Wrestling Angle

"I made pro-wrestling what it is today. I kick-started the careers of mere mortals and turned them into legends, I am the 'E' in entertainment, I gave pro wrestling a life, I am its greatest and oldest friend, I am a pro-wrestling angle." cry of a pro-wrestling angle whose life anatomy has been forgotten

A pro-wrestling angle, as we all know, is the backbone of the wrestling industry. It's these story lines and scripted situations which give rise to a product that is rich in both sports and entertainment.

While the WWE has been giving us many rivalries/feuds which have transcended boundaries ever since its inception, the rivalries of late haven't been all that personal and brutal like they used to be.

This year, for instance, one of the best rivalries we had was between Randy Orton and Christian. The rivalry produced many good matches, no doubt, but the rivalry was such that I was more concerned about the result of the matches and who was winning them other than how the rivalry was progressing, what new elements were being added to it, etc.

But, the experience I possess as a wrestling fan is what is keeping me from enjoying rivalries these days. Comparing it to some great rivalries from the past, like Randy Orton-Undertaker and even Shane McMahon-Kane, one would realize that there is more to a rivalry than just who wins or loses.

A good rivalry which comes to my mind here is the one between Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio in the summer of 2009. While it started over the intercontinental title, it gradually reached such a level that the title did not matter anymore; it became a personal rivalry, and the fans were actually interested in seeing how it would progress rather than focusing on who was carrying the belt.

Which brings to me this article of mine. Now, before I begin, let me tell you that this is not a conclusive article on how the quality of pro-wrestling angles can be improved. This is just a blueprint of how to gradually make a rivalry important, and it is based on my knowledge of great rivalries I have seen over the years.

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