WWE: Why Dolph Ziggler Will Be a World Champion in 2012

Travis SmithAnalyst IIDecember 30, 2011

The WWE had four superstars in 2011 that became world champion for the very first time in their career (Mark Henry, Miz, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio). Those four superstars had fought for years in order to be given an opportunity to carry the title of being known as the world champion of the WWE.

Now with 2012 on the horizon, I feel that there is one superstar that is now ready to be known as a world champion and his name is the "Showoff" Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler has been in the WWE as a singles star since late 2008 and during his career, he has went toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the company from Randy Orton to Edge to Rey Mysterio.

During his time in the WWE, Dolph Ziggler has been the IC and United States champion on several occasions and was "awarded" the World Heavyweight title for about 15 minutes back in January.

While Dolph has been a guy who has impressed a lot of fans in the ring, he hasn't been given the chance to be a WWE or world champion but I feel that 2012 is the right time to give Mr. Ziggler an opportunity as champion.

Heels in the WWE today have become hit or miss it seems, but one of the biggest heels isn't Ziggler, it is his manager Vickie Guerrero.

By having a manager that draws major heat from the WWE universe, Ziggler has become a top heel in the company almost the same way Shawn Michaels did in 1992 when he had Sherri as his manager.

Ziggler's in-ring skills are top-notch because he can wrestle anyone and be simply amazing. I was once a huge critic of Ziggler because I thought his gimmick wasn't edgy enough to be given a chance as World champion, but now I feel that Dolph is ready to step up and be a credible champion.

Now Ziggler doesn't seem like he will be getting that chance before WrestleMania, but I feel that maybe we can see him become champion around May or June when the WWE hits their "slow" point of the year.

Sure it may not be the greatest time to be a WWE fan, but if Ziggler can continue to impress in the ring and on the mic then he will get his shot.

I believe that he should be the guy to defeat CM Punk for the WWE title because that will make his winning moment even more memorable because he will be the one that defeated quite possibly the most popular in the WWE right now.

Overall I feel that Dolph Ziggler is a superstar that is now ready to main-event every week because he is a superstar that wrestling fans seem to enjoy seeing perform. Ziggler has that "it" factor that a' lot of superstars seem to lack today.

I feel that Ziggler is the No. 2 heel on RAW right now just behind Alberto Del Rio, but if Ziggler continues to impress the WWE universe and bookers, then I feel that 2012 will the year of Ziggler and rightfully so.


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