Too Much Green—Why are the Boston Celtics Getting So Much Attention?

Stephen DyellCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2008

Everywhere you look, you see green. No, it’s not springtime and we are definitely not in Cliff Robinson’s basement. I’m taking about the top team in the league, the Boston Celtics.

Sure it’s great how well they are proving to everyone how dominating they are against every team at home but can we take a break to smell the roses or even have some information on other teams?

You click ESPN and about 70% of the time, something on that page has to do with the Celtics. You can go a whole week before hearing something about Minnesota or Detroit but there is a day to day update of the Celtics from there haircuts to excessive swearing.

Of course people are going to read it. It’s Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce finally winning again. I give them a small hand clap then look out West where Roy is leading his Blazers and Chris Paul is leading the Hornets without All-Star team-mates and yet, you can only catch an article on them once in awhile.

Now the latest addition to ESPN cause is Glen "Baby" Davis who isn’t anything special but because he plays beside Kevin and the gang, and can hit six or seve open shots, he is suddenly in the spotlight over other rookies. Heck, give the Spurs Glen Davis and see how many open shots he can get.

Have they deserved it? Of course a team with such few losses that they could match the Bulls record setting feat years back but look what happened to the last team to be so concerned on the season rather than resting and building team chemistry. Yes, Golden State fans just smiled while Dallas fans winced but the truth is, Boston hasn’t proved anything yet other than a feel good story.

From the constant ads on the television to constant updates on every sports site and rumour mill, we need a break from the green. It will be great when they finish the season with only seven loses and work there way to the goal of NBA champions but for now, can we please get a variety of basketball news rather than have our kids grow up in a Celtics-owned world before they even have one ring?

Like it or not, the Celtics will slowly become the Lakers of the 90’s. Not necessarily with the three peat or even one ring; more along the lines of kids from Florida to Vancouver will all be Celtics fans since it’s being pushed on them so much.

Is it too much to ask for a little bit of variety?