Why a John Cena Heel Turn Won't Happen, Even Though It Should

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Why a John Cena Heel Turn Won't Happen, Even Though It Should
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We all want to see it. It seems almost as inevitable as Hogan's heel turn. It would drive ratings through the roof. John Cena would gain a ton of respect from the older fans.

But let's face it: WWE is not turning John Cena heel.

WWE has been on this huge anti-bullying campaign, and Cena is the poster boy for it. The "rise above hate" t-shirts are a perfect example. Kids love Cena, and he is perfect for them.

Every week, the "Cena sucks" chants get louder and louder. Every few weeks, another superstar tries to convince John to just accept the hate and turn heel. We saw this with Roddy Piper a few weeks ago, and now with Kane.

Cena hears the chants and the other wrestlers, but he always says something corny along the lines of: "I don't care who doesn't like me. I'm going to stay true to myself and keep being me."

That right there is the definition of standing up to bullies. Or as John Cena would put it, "rising above the hate." The anti-bullying campaign is a major reason why the Cena heel turn will not happen.

The main reason Cena will not be turning heel is CM Punk.

WWE seemed to be comfortable with trying to put the belt on somebody new and preparing for a new top face to take over so Cena can turn heel.

But, it's not working.

While the older fans have taken a liking to CM Punk, the younger audience just does not appreciate him or connect with him. CM Punk is a great wrestler, a great promo man and puts a on a good show. But the younger audience is turned off by his lack of muscle and superhero qualities that Cena carries so well.

WWE RAW has been getting the lowest ratings it's had in a very long time. It seems as if nobody is interested in the main events. News also came out via dirt sheets that WWE is not comfortable with Punk headlining, and that is why Cena is getting booked for the 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. segments.

John Cena is a cash cow who brings in ratings because kids love him. Without a top face to take over, Cena cannot turn heel.

CM Punk as the main face just isn't working enough to make the move. There are not enough top good guys to feud with Cena as a heel, and there is absolutely nobody to be the superhero who kids love.

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