Duane 'Bang' Ludwig Recognized by UFC for Fastest Knockout in UFC History

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Duane 'Bang' Ludwig Recognized by UFC for Fastest Knockout in UFC History
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On January 16, 2006, Duane "Bang" Ludwig fought his second career fight in the UFC against Jonathan Goulet.  The fight was quick, and in fact it was the quickest in UFC history.

The problem is that due to a scoring error, the knockout was officially recorded at 11 seconds and therefore not the fastest in UFC history.

For years, MMA fans have argued that Ludwig deserves the honor of being recognized as the fastest knockout in UFC history, Joe Rogan has even mentioned it multiple times throughout his career as a broadcaster for the UFC.

Dana White, however, was apparently oblivious to this scoring error, at least according to him.  "I never even realized it until we got into it over this [Duane] "Bang" Ludwig thing," said White in his most recent video blog.

In the video, they break down the fastest three knockouts in UFC history with a running timer from the second the fight starts until the hundredth of a second when the fight was stopped.  Ludwig was timed at 6.06 seconds, nearly half of what the official scoring time was.

Coming in a close second was "The Korean Zombie" Chan-Sung Jung with his knockout over Mark Hominick at UFC 140, timed officially at seven seconds and unofficially by Dana White at 6.26 seconds.

Third place goes to Todd Duffee over Tim Hague at UFC 102, also officially timed at seven seconds and unofficially timed at 7.56 seconds.

Although the official record is currently shared by Duffee and Jung, White says in the video that he would like the official record changed and given to Ludwig.

"If the kid [Ludwig] really has the fastest knockout in UFC history it should be recorded that way by the Athletic Commission and the UFC," said White.

Despite White's pleas, the Athletic Commission refused to overturn their official ruling and will continue to give the record to Duffee and Jung.

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