Carson Howell Was Right, Miami Mitch Was Wrong: It Was All Ole Miss

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2009

You guys (and gals) know me here, I can usually be found in the College Football section looking for someone to talk actual football with and trying to wade through the fluff.

As the season has gone on, I've gotten a chance to know a lot of you and I've made some bold statements; agree with me or not, at least you have to admit I'm willing to put my neck out and make a prediction.

Sometimes I'm right, and sometimes I'm wrong. This time, I made a bet with Carson Howell, a die hard Gator fan who sees the college football world as the SEC and then everyone else, that Texas tech would teach Ole Miss what College Football was all about.

I said things like Ole Miss Stinks, they can't beat teams with winning records, and several other things along those lines. At the same time, I said Texas Tech was a real team who wasn't a team on the rise, rather a team that is already there. In other words, I drank the Kool Aid.

I pick just about every game there is, and I know that if you can pick games in the 58-60 percent range over the course of a season it is nothing short of remarkable, an accomplishment I'm proud of and have been proud of for the past 10 years in a row.

What I enjoy as much as watching the games and analyzing match-ups is exchanging banter and opposing points of view with people who know what they're talking about. Hence, I don't mind that if I am going to lose, at least it's to Carson.

So, congrats Carson and nice call. I'm sure I'll have several years worth of chances to get even, so enjoy this one. Thanks for a fun season.


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