Liverpool FC Transfers: 7 Players Fans Would Love To See Kenny Dalglish Sign

David Hendrick@@DaveHendrickTLWContributor IIIDecember 30, 2011

Liverpool FC Transfers: 7 Players Fans Would Love To See Kenny Dalglish Sign

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    We are now only a couple of days away from the explosion of the winter silly season which will no doubt see the Premier League's big clubs—Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham—be linked with just about every half-decent player in the world.

    Players will be linked regardless of whether or not they are available, regardless of whether or not the club allegedly on "the verge" of signing them has any money and regardless of whether or not the player would have any interest in joining the rumoured club.

    Normally when I do transfer-related articles I try to stay as realistic as possible but when I was assigned this topic I thought I'd go a slightly different way and look at the players the Liverpool fans want to see Damien Comolli and Kenny Dalglish bring to the club.

    I did stop short of including Lionel Messi, because some things in life just aren't as simple as they are on Championship Manager, but I think it's still a pretty strong list of players who have all been linked with Liverpool over the last few months.

    I hope you enjoy.

1. Xabi Alonso

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    Go on any Liverpool fan forum, any Liverpool page of Facebook or indeed many of the articles on this website and whenever Liverpool fans are discussing players they want to see in a Red shirt, this man's name comes up.

    Alonso won over the hearts of all Reds during his first spell at the club before being forced out the door by a man who believed that Gareth Barry was a better player. He's been fantastic for Real Madrid since going there and it's hard to believe that they would consider selling him, but stranger things have happened.

    Alonso would cost a lot of money and considering his age he probably isn't worth the cost, but forget about age—we need a midfield maestro who can dictate our play, spray the ball about with ease and create something out of nothing in the middle of the park.

    Some people have said that Charlie Adam can replace him. While Charlie Adam is a fine player and is a good player to have in the squad, he's not and never will be a patch on Xabi.

2. Edinson Cavani

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    Whenever the debate as to which striker Liverpool should sign to partner Luis Suarez starts up, there are two names that are always mentioned. One is this man.

    Cavani and Suarez play together at international level and have a clear and developed understanding of each other's game. They seem, at times, to have some sort of telepathic connection as they effortlessly find each other on the pitch.

    Cavani would be expensive—the starting price would likely be in excess of £35 million—but he'd be worth every penny should the Reds pull this deal off.

3. Gonzalo Higuain

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    This is the other guy whose name always come up in the partner-for-Suarez debate and it's really easy to see why everyone rates him so highly.

    Higuain was born to score goals—simple as that. He's not a natural finisher like Robbie Fowler was, but he's a born goal scorer. It would be unfair, however, to limit the praise of his game to just his goal-scoring capabilities. Higuain is a good team player and works hard every time he takes the field. He's the type of player that would make Liverpool fans forget about Fernando Torres.

    Like Cavani, he wouldn't come cheap with £30 million being the minimum a club could expect to pay for him, but again, like Cavani, he would be worth it. There'll be some stiff competition for his signing if Madrid do decide to let him go but Damien Comolli has proven that when he wants a player, he can go and get him.

4. Mesut Ozil

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    Third and final Real Madrid player on the list, this man's name has only recently been linked with a move to Liverpool and it's one that's definitely caught the fans' eye. 

    He might very well be the best creator of chances in world football with his fantastic vision and exquisite passing skills but for some reason, Jose Mourinho seems to have fallen out of love with his German genius. 

    For Liverpool to sign Ozil they would have to make Real Madrid an offer in the region of £30 million and convince the player that they are a club on the way up. The money is there but is the belief in what they are doing? Let's hope so. Ozil is well-suited to wearing red.

5. Eden Hazard

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    Arguably the most exciting European player to come along since Cristiano Ronaldo, Hazard is on every club's wish list and this January might just be the time when he leaves Lille for bigger and better things.

    The list of teams looking to buy Hazard is a who's who of world football. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter and AC Milan, Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have all been credited with strong interest over the last year or so and it's easy to see why.

    Hazard is a special player who has the ability to take over a game by himself. His dribbling skills are out of the very top drawer and his passing skills are developing to a similar level.

    Hazard has been known to have the odd temper tantrum here and there, and reports of Cristiano Ronaldo-esque arrogance and diva-like personality have appeared over the last few months, but when a player has this sort of ability sometimes you need to make an exception. Ask Manchester United if they would take Ronaldo back and only the foolish would say no.

    Hazard will be expensive, likely the most expensive player on this list, and Liverpool may not be willing to stretch that far without the certainly of Champions League football next season, but it's players like Hazard that can bridge the gap and get Liverpool into the top four and the Champions League.

6. Lucas Moura

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    Neymar this, Neymar that, Neymar the other. I've become quite sick of hearing about Neymar and the ridiculous hype around his name because for my money, Lucas Moura is not only a much better prospect for the long-term, he's a better player right now. 

    Lucas Moura is, for me, the best young player in world football right now. Blessed with blinding pace, incredible close control and dribbling ability that makes you rub your eyes, shake your head and wonder if you've really just seen what you think you've seen, he's got what it takes it get an entire stadium of people up on their feet every time he touches the ball.

    Gone are the days when men like Billy Liddell, Steve Heighway, John Barnes and Steve McManaman would electrify Anfield whenever they had the ball at their feet and a trail of defenders looking foolish behind them. Liverpool haven't had a winger who could get the Kop on their feet since McManaman left for Real Madrid.

    Moura could certainly change that, and likely at a reasonable price. Liverpool are interested but his club seem unwilling to sell. Perhaps an agreement can be reached now which would see him arrive in the summer, or even next January. He'd be worth the wait.

7. Christian Eriksen

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    I considered putting Fernando Torres in this slide based on the reaction to this article. Liverpool fans would love to have 'Nando back and those that say they don't would be the first ones racing to buy a Torres replica shirt if he started banging in the goals again.

    I decided to leave him out, however, because both Jake Ware and Peter Webster also covered the Torres angle and it's been comprehensively done so there's no point in doing it again.

    I decided to go with somewhat of a personal choice here, but one that many Liverpool fans agree with. 

    My two favourite players of all time are Michael Laudrup and Zinedine Zidane and in my opinion, the biggest transfer error in the history of Liverpool Football Club was making a mess of an agreed deal that would have brought Michael Laudrup to the club in the early 1980s. 

    In comparing players of today to the two legends I named, I suppose Javier Pastore is the closest thing around to Zidane. Unfortunately he's never really been linked with Liverpool and having only moved to PSG, and given their riches, he's not likely to be leaving any time soon. Still though, what a player!

    The closest thing to Michael Laudrup in the modern game is Christian Eriksen and his name has been linked to Liverpool on multiple occasions. Liverpool have a good relationship with Ajax and despite claims that he would cost in the region of £30 million, he would likely be available for much closer to £20 million.

    A player of Eriksen's quality would be a fantastic thing for Liverpool to have and his style of play is well-suited to the Liverpool way. Eriksen would be the cheapest player on this list, but in my opinion, with his talent and potential combined with his work ethic and love of the game, he could become the best player on it.

    Here's hoping Damien Comolli has kept the lines of communication between Merseyside and Amsterdam open.

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    So there you have it, my list of seven potential January signings that Liverpool fans would love to see happen. Like I said at the beginning, I didn't really consider any factors other than what the club's supporters are saying on this website and many others.

    If you feel I've missed out on anyone who deserves to be on this list, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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