Kansas City Chiefs: Quarterback is top Priority

Matt BrowningContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

Obviously when a team finishes 2-14 and 6-26 in the past two seasons, there are numerous holes that need to be shored up.

Aside from tight end, where Tony Gonzalez remains one of the game’s best, the Kansas City Chiefs are in the same boat. They could draft any position with the No. 3 pick and make a talent upgrade.

However, some needs are more pressing than others. A pass rushing defensive end, coverage outside linebacker, and a right tackle are the three biggies.

But here is the biggest question the Chiefs will have this off-season: what about the quarterback?

From now until the draft, the speculation will be whether or not the Chiefs will take a quarterback with their first round pick. Some people within the organization think Tyler Thigpen, who started most of the season and did an adequate job, can be the future.

But another factor to take into consideration with Thigpen is the fate of head coach, Herman Edwards. If he is retained for another season, then the Chiefs will run the shotgun, spread system again, which Thigpen thrived in, at times.

If Edwards is fired, then a new coach with a new system will determine if Thigpen is the starting quarterback next season.

For the sake of this story, Tyler Thigpen will not be the starting quarterback in Kansas City.

So the Chiefs need to draft a franchise quarterback with their first round pick and there should be one of two guys to choose from. While neither has given any indication as to whether they will come out or not, it is the common belief that Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Georgia’s Matthew Stafford will declare and be top five picks.

There will be some skeptics who will think the Chiefs should draft defensive players in the first round, but with money to spend (KC is roughly $40 million dollars under the cap), they can bring in one or two big time free agents to shore up the need on defense, which is a large need.

The Chiefs gave up a franchise record in yards and recorded only 10 sacks, which is a league record.

The first step towards being a respected franchise again came with the firing of Carl Peterson as general manager. The next step needs to be getting rid of Edwards and his staff, who seem overwhelmed schematically at times.

With a new regime, perhaps the Chiefs will now fork over some money and bring in young talent, not only in the draft, but through free agency as well.

There are so many scenarios the Chiefs can go in the off-season, and so many that would not be considered bad.

It should not matter to Chiefs’ fans though, because it can only get better.

And it will.