Washington Redskins: GM for a Day—Is Danny Accepting Resumes to Replace Vinny?

Sean WilsonCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

If only they'd listen to us guys, we all keep saying the obvious—LINEMEN!!!  LINEBACKERS!!!  STICK TO THE PLAN!!!  Too bad we don't get paid to advise these guys.

First step is purge.  I love them, but starting with Buges, Jansen, Pete, Marcus, Springs, Cornelius, and Ledell—they all have to go. It's time to snatch the band-aid and allow the team to get better! 

Casey has to be the first person gone, he is the weakest link on a slow line.  They are set to run the counter, but asked to pull and zone block with the passing game.  They aren't built for the system.

Build around Chris Samuels, Rhinehart, and Heyer.  Get solid OG and Center play and we win.  Skill positions are set, just get the young guys involved next year.

Definitely re-sign Hall...get Carlos happy.  The secondary is the strongest part of the ENTIRE TEAM!  They single-handedly kept us in games all year.

Go get Terrell Suggs and Mike Goff in the market, then draft a DT and Center (Unger or Mack).  Or sign Matt Birk and Suggs/Peppers and draft Duke Robinson. 

Trade away our first round pick and get a late first and second or third.  That would allow us to get someone like Duke Robinson and later on Brain Cushing.

Speaking of...try and get Bart Scott or draft Brian Cushing or similar SLB.  We need playmakers yes, but we also need to stick with what works for us—bend don't break.  Get sideline to sideline speed in the front seven and improve pass rush. Seems like I've written this before...

Start next season knowing that Devin and Malcolm will be split wide, and that Santana is going to be our Welker.  That is easily the smartest play.  EASILY!  We'd be stupid not to.

I know CP wants all the carries, but he can't do it!  His body can't withstand what his heart says he can do.  He's MY FAVORITE PLAYER!  I love everything about his heart, on the field spirit, and leadership...but he needs a 20-carry limit and needs to lineup in a Marshall Faulk style.  I'd love him to last eight more years. 

Find balance with an explosive BIG back.  We need someone big and bruising to carry the ball.  Mike could do it, but only for about two more years.  Get a McClain-type to contrast CP and use the West Coast offense to open up running lanes.  (Seems like I wrote that before, too.)

Give JZ and JC one more year to mesh and learn, not only each other, but their jobs.  I like them both.  They showed how good they could be early. Now, they simply have to learn to adjust to the...adjustment defense make for them.

Get confident on the skills we do have.  Open up the play-book for Jason and use all the weapons we have.  Don't restrict the offense to a paradigm called West Coast...our skill players are too good to limit them to a system.  Use them within one.  Develop one around their skill sets.

Captain Chaos, CP, Santana, London, DeAngelo, and Carlos are all top 10 in the league or better (Cooley, CP, and DBs) at their positions.  Cooley, CP, London, and DBs are easily top three. 

Use it...build around it...stick to it!