Is Sports Writing Really About Technical Writing?

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2009

Subject, transitive verb, direct object, dangling modifiers, fragment, clause, complete thought, narrative exposition, linking verb, predicate, noun, subordinate conjunction, declarative, imperative, explanatory essays.

What do those words mean?

My high school teacher says that those above and a lot more terminologies were the foundation of writing, the building blocks of communication.

Well at least that's what the books says, but is it really about structured composition?

I think it's not.

I might fail to write in accordance with the textbook rules in writing, Well that's just me. I think what's more important is for us Bleacher Creatures is to send a message. To send something worth thinking to the readers; after that it really does not matter whether it's written in good form or if it's politically incorrect or if it's a narrative, argumentative or imperative, as long as the message is sent.

The reason I'm writing here at Bleacher is to have a platform for my views and by writing I found a way to showcase my opinions and that's the fact, no Technical Writing, no terminologies, no high school teacher.

The foundation of my writing isn't based on terminologies but rather based on Sports. If I fail to write it out technically, at least you understand what I'm talking about.

To cut it short, I'm not a technical writer. I'm not much of an intellectual such as the politically inclined, Lisa Horne. The sensational Ron Johnson or my favorite, "The Philosopher," Sarah Sirigina. I think it would be fair to everyone if I rate myself as average.

Those words written above need to be summarized, so I leave it to you guys.

Is it about Technical Writing? Or am I just fooling around?