Palermo Transfer Rumours: Will Fabrizio Miccoli Retire as a Rosanero?

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Palermo Transfer Rumours: Will Fabrizio Miccoli Retire as a Rosanero?
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Fabrizio Miccoli, 32, addresses rumours about retiring in a Rosanero uniform.

The rumours that have been circulating about Fabrizio Miccoli leaving Palermo or planning to retire were addressed as false by Miccoli in an interview with the club's official website

The 32-year-old Italian has always expressed his love for his hometown club of Lecce, and it was believed that Miccoli would return to his native province to cap off his football career. 

However, Miccoli revealed in an interview posted on Palermo's website that there's a good chance that he will end his career at Renzo Barbera. 

“Palermo is a second home for me, because of the relationship I have with the people," Miccoli said. "I was able to enter the history of this club and for me it is a fixed point. I hope to stay and again give my contribution."

He then elaborated on his plans for the back-end of his career. 

“I believe that I will end my career here, then we’ll see. At least I hope to be a fixed point. I am fortunate to have people like Migliaccio and Balzaretti here.

“We are the old players who have the responsibility of raising the younger ones who come from far away," Miccoli said about his veteran role on the team. "You have to help them acclimatise and make them express themselves well."

Miccoli has been with Palermo for five seasons and has scored 54 goals with 26 assists for the Aquile.

Palermo has had a mediocre 2011-12 season so far and currently sits at No. 9 on the Serie A league table.

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The Aquile began the season with a 4-3 win against Inter Milan in which Miccoli scored two goals (one of which was in the 86th minute) and had one assist. 

However, Palermo hasn't fared well against the top of the table and has lost all of their matches against AC Milan, Udinese and Juventus

“We do a good job, continue on this road, but it’s not easy, it takes time, especially when we change so much,” Miccoli reflected. 

Miccoli has scored four goals in 10 appearances as a starter in the Serie A this season. 

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