Graham Harrell Runs Short of Cotton Bowl Victory, Gets Record in Process

Benjy MillerContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

The Cotton Bowl started the way every other Red Raider game had started, which is Tech getting the first points and looking dominant. The Red Raiders went up 14-0. Then, the game turned and the scores went like this: (Ole Miss on the left, Tech on the right) 0-7, 0-14, 7-14, 14-14, 14-21, 21-21, 24-21 at halftime. The Rebels had come up on top at halftime. Only two other teams had done this this year (Texas A&M and Baylor). 

Well, Graham Harrell had an excellent day and a terrible day at the same time. Strange, huh?  In the whole regular season, Harrell had thrown seven interceptions. The whole season. He threw two more to the Ole Miss Rebels, one being a pick-six. 

But, when the Raiders went up 21-14, being caught by none other than Michael Crabtree, Harrell had the record for most touchdowns thrown in NCAA. He only needed two to have this and he got four today. 

The receiver of the day for the Texas Tech Red Raiders was Edward Britton. Britton caught five receptions for 87 yards and two touchdowns. 

Crabtree looked like his ankle injury was bothering him quite a bit today because he only caught four passes today for 30 yards and that record breaking touchdown for Harrell.

Ole Miss dominated in rushing, just absolutely dominated. Bolden and McCluster combined for 199 yards and two touchdowns. Harrell was Tech's leading rusher today with four rushes for 52 yards. Right before halftime, Harrell ran for 44 yards and came three yards shy of a touchdown, which would've given Tech the lead at the half. 

Ole Miss came out on top 47-34, a stunning victory to almost everyone. Texas Tech has gone, in the words of Tech guard Lonnie "Primo" McCurry, who played in the first Cotton Bowl Texas Tech played in (1939 vs. St. Mary's), "4-4, which means they have never won a Cotton Bowl."


*Note: Graham Harrell also threw for a 5,000 yard season this year. Another reason why he had a semi-good game.