WWE Panorama: 7 Reasons to Love the Internet Wrestling Community

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WWE Panorama: 7 Reasons to Love the Internet Wrestling Community

WWE is said to be the most hated institution in the pro wrestling world. While the amount of hatred for WWE is enormous, it is not universal. There indeed are millions of people who actually like and appreciate the organisation.

The crown of most hated institution hence belongs somewhere else, and it is not TNA. As I was scratching my tiny brain few days back, I realized it is the Internet Wrestling Community aka the IWC, which owns the precious title.

Now I before I move on to back my amazing discovery, let me explain what the IWC is to the beginners, and in an act of utter lameness, let me quote myself to do it.

For those who are new, Internet Wrestling Community or, as it is fondly called, IWC, is not a bunch of people who wrestle online (though we do). It is rather a bunch of people who know more about wrestling than Vince McMahon (though we don’t). This writer and most of the people reading this article are IWC.

That brings us to the reason behind my claim of IWC being the most hated institution in pro wrestling universe. Vince McMahon despises IWC, and it is because Vince is despicable himself. Each and every member of IWC hates IWC, since we all are open-minded. Eric Bischoff loathes IWC, and that is simply because he is Eric Bischoff. Now, which other thing brings Vince, Eric and all of us on the same page? You tell me.

This discovery hurt me a little bit. I am a proud member of IWC, and hence I decided to bring it upon myself to garner some love for the IWC. With any further ado, let me begin my endeavour. 

Disclaimer 1 – This article will see a heavy use of “we.” This “we” for the record includes me, and some similar empty minds that constitute IWC. It does not necessarily include “you”.

Disclaimer 2 – This article is not serious. It is partly humor and partly a parody.

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