2009 New Years Wishes Around The World Of Sports

Ed DuffyContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

2008 has come to a close and the onset of a new year, with all the promise it brings is now upon us.

Each year there are promises made and promises broken, wishes told and the disappointment of those never fulfilled.

In sports, like in life the New Year brings hope of championships and magical seasons.  It brings hope of comeback stories and miracle finishes, of stars emerging from beneath the rubble, the arrival of the latest phenom, career years from all our favorites, the down slide of former stars halted, of all things good.

For 2009 here are a few of those things, both good and some not so good:

For the Detroit Lions:  A new coach and general manager that may bring a win, just one single solitary stinkin win!

For College Football fans: a real playoff system, 8 teams, no plus one, and certainly no BCS.

For the Pittsburgh Pirates: They’ll take anything.

For he KC Royals fans: That their billionaire owner will spend some of his cash on their team and retain the young talent they develop.

For Barry Bonds: Nothing. Stay away.

For Roger Clemens: See Barry Bonds.

For Hockey Fans: A real TV contract.

For the MLB Network: Success!

For the NFL Network: Entry on basic cable.

For John Smoltz:  A healthy shoulder and a return to the game.

For the Boston Red Sox: The return to health of Mike Lowell, David Ortiz, and Josh Beckett.

For the Florida Marlins: A new stadium in South Florida.

For Raiders fans: That Al Davis sells the team.

For Al Davis: Retirement.

For Mike Shanahan, Eric Mangini, Rod Marinelli, and Romeo Crennel: New jobs.

For the Dallas Cowboys: Inner peace.

For Terrell Owens: A muzzle.

For Plaxico Burress: A holster.

For Micheal Vick: A second chance with a new team and a contract that includes serious financial donations to the welfare of animals.

For the NY Giants: Steve Spagnuolo turns down the Jets and others and stays on.

For the NY Jets: A return of a healthy Brett Favre.

For Brett Favre: The ability to make a quick decision.

For Mike Holmgren: Happy Retirement!

For Charles Barkley: A designated driver.

For Tiger Woods: Nothing. The man has it all!

For John Daley: See Charles Barkley.

For Josh Bard: A crash course from Doug Mirabelli on catching the knuckler.

For Stephon Marbury: Continuation in purgatory.

For Manny Ramirez: That he gets the $100 million deal he wants so bad…from the Chinichi Dragons.

For the Chinichi Dragons: My apologies.

For all the great sports fans out there: A second place finish behind all my teams and a healthy, happy and prosperous year for you!