WWE Monday Night RAW: Analyzing the It Begins "TheEndBegins2012" Promo

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2011

We've arrived. There's only one more week until the beginning of the end.

The sixth and presumably final "It Begins" promo aired on last night's episode of Monday Night RAW fairly early on into the program and, it should be noted, interrupting CM Punk's ring entrance.

This week's promo is a basic rehashing of all the other promos up until this point, with the added messages "The End Begins" and "Next Monday" flashed ominously across the screen. Both the little boy and girl had things to say—but this week, on the recommendation from comments on my other analyses, I'm not going to pay attention to their words.

I'm going to pay attention to the images.

Featured prominently in this week's promo was the image of the globe. Right from the release of the very first promo over a month ago, many connected the presence of the globe to the fact that CM Punk has begun calling himself the "Best in the World"—and the fact that Chris Jericho had been using that phrase well before Punk.

Another prominent shot in the promo is that of a clock; and the notion of a clock is certainly something which can be connected with Jericho.

Back when he made his initial unforgettable debut in 1999, Jericho's arrival was announced by the countdown of a clock. His Y2J gimmick played off the fear of Y2K and the start of a new millennium.

This series of promos has made heavy use of the idea of the end of the world. If you buy into the Mayan calendar theory, 2012 is certainly the beginning of the end.

Could Jericho be returning under the guise of another "end of the world" gimmick? The imagery of the promo certainly suggests so.

Yes, Jericho has recently stated on Twitter that he's done with wrestling, and he continues to work on projects with his band, Fozzy.

But I wouldn't count him out at all. In fact, especially after this promo, for me he is the most likely candidate to return.

However, what remains up in the air is who or what the little girl is meant to represent. Is she Stephanie McMahon, as many have thought and I have suggested in my other articles? Or is she CM Punk, hinting at a possible feud between him and a returning Jericho? Or is she—and he—someone else entirely?

We'll find out on Monday.