How We Did in 2008: Fantasy Football Busts

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2009

By Derek Lofland

One thing we aren’t afraid to do at the Maniaxs is go back, look at our predictions, and determine whether we are Nostradamus or a False Prophet.

Here was our list of 10 players to watch decline in 2008, published back in March of 2008 and updated before the start of the NFL season, after the NFL draft had taken place and training camp battles had been won and lost.  

Please note the most statistics in this article only go through Week 16, because most fantasy leagues are done by that time. Fantasy Owners don’t care how their players do in Week 17 if there are no games being played.


WR Torry Holt—Rams

This is a pick we got right on the head. That chronic knee problem and bad team came back to haunt him in 2008. He finished with his lowest numbers since 1999 (788 yards), posting 796 yards and a career-low three TDs. What has traditionally been a second round pick turned into an unplayable player most weeks.


MLB Ray Lewis—Ravens

We struck out on this one in a major way. At the time we weren’t impressed with a rookie head coach, and any of a rookie quarterback (Joe Flacco), unproven quarterback (Troy Smith), or bad quarterback (Kyle Boller). Ray was turning 33, and the defense had slipped in 2007. Instead, the veteran players stayed healthy, the Ravens were a top 10 defense across the board, and Ray Lewis was selected to his 10th Pro Bowl.  

RB Fred Taylor—Jaguars

This is another one we got right on the head. After finishing with 1,202 yards and five rushing touchdowns, which earned him a Pro Bowl berth, he slipped to 556 yards and one touchdown. Maurice Jones-Drew has clearly established himself as the number one back, although he disappointed more than we expected...

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