1. Congrats @kurt_gids on 250 games and also your last game in Newcastle! Soak it in mate all the best!  @mattkelsonphotography

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  6. Boy's 486-pound bluefin tuna could shatter world record. http://t.co/EcQo71ABgf http://t.co/0bVVJTLxRQ

  7. Straight outta Compton … to the sand and snow. http://t.co/xybZwSOIiV http://t.co/BcdIdOw9I2

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  12. Walking fish on brink of extinction, measures considered. #Wildlife http://t.co/YnqI5wkDgv http://t.co/hZkMlXqykF

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  14. Justin Wilson, IndyCar Driver, Dies at 37

  15. 2 Climbers Die at Grand Teton National Park

  16. Red Bull #Soapbox hits Eden Park today. Pits open at 11am, races start at 1pm! https://t.co/48FECMMo56

  17. @nyjah gets gnarly on the grips!

  18. Skateboarder Gets Nailed by Car, Gets Up Like Nothing Happened

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  21. Shaggy the abandoned dog finally captured. http://t.co/te6MQoDCwE http://t.co/aI42gDJ0FU

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  26. La la pit stop with my besties:) @its_smokey @sierraquitiquit Have you tried #cyclehousela!? Recommended workout for sure! So fun! Now off to Chile!!!

  27. Make gourmet meals with this new camp stove shaped like a briefcase. #Gear http://t.co/PHnfWxfdHN http://t.co/bdybygaIAm

  28. Mountain Biker Dies During Grueling Race

  29. Warriors' Thomspon Hits Skate Park with Sheckler

  30. Watch all the best action from Red Bull Rampage in 2003. http://t.co/eDdXjCn08W http://t.co/Ufg5Q0NEyA

  31. This is @markmathewssurf trying to do transfers at Shipsterns whilst everyone else is just trying to hang on!!  @the_green_machine_

  32. Being a Champion Didn't Protect Her from Body-Shamers

  33. Fanning Dominates in 1st Tour Surf Since Attack

  34. Video captures a dolphin teaching its young how to hunt. http://t.co/Qon69qImSp http://t.co/7ioMpbPBNF

  35. You know you're big time when you're on a Clif Bar.  One of our ambassadors, Johnie Gall, got a "limited edition" Johnie's Chocolate Chip bar with her face on it. Photo: @dirtbagdarling #grindtv

  36. Fanning Ditches Yellow Board Over Safety Issues

  37. 445 Miles of Paddling and Pain on Yukon River

  38. You know you're big time when you're on a Clif Bar.  One of our ambassadors, Johnie Gall, got a "limited edition" … http://t.co/WOruXxYzVt

  39. WATCH: Surfing transforms poverty, fixes addiction in southern India. #Surf http://t.co/8uTZ6yhdCU http://t.co/ql00jvkARe

  40. How a Swiss Company Beat Google to 'Virtual Climbs'

  41. Great Britain Tops Saturday's Red Bull Air Race

  42. Humpback whale breaches in fog during a surreal, unforgettably close encounter. http://t.co/SYUKhK5Rpl http://t.co/e2KKeSbSkP

  43. It's that hot dawgz and hand rails time of year again. #HDHR @bear_mountain http://t.co/xQO5S7qSdS

  44. Australian Skateboarders Build a Ramp in the Middle of a Hemp Field

  45. 2 WTC BASE Jumpers Avoid Jail Time

  46. Watch an intense stage 7 of @LaVuelta as riders charge through an uphill climb. https://t.co/CHzQqGNCll

  47. Art inspired bikes roll into the Minneapolis Institute of Art @artsmia. Minneapolis-based bike company @handsomecycles fabricated bikes customized to the works of art on display. The art behind this bike is Frank Stella's "Tahkt-I-Sulayman, Variation II" from 1969. #Bike #grindtv

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  49. Woman Swims 30 Miles Through Shark-infested Waters

  50. Art inspired bikes roll into the Minneapolis Institute of Art @artsmia. Minneapolis-based bike company @handsomecy… http://t.co/GCId9vQws8

  51. Bombs away! Red Bull #AirDrop hits @ASU. https://t.co/lnSLmS4MQY