Ben Roethlisberger, the SEC and Racism: 5 Things I Really Want To Say On Sports

Chase SummersCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2011

PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 23:  Ben Roethlisberger #7 and head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrate their 24 to 19 win over the New York Jets in the 2011 AFC Championship game at Heinz Field on January 23, 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Honestly their are quite a few things that tick me off about sports. Some of these include Ben Roethlisberger, racism (not what you're thinking), and people who say the SEC is overrated in football.

I have kept quiet on most of these issues, but most of my articles still cause controversy and today I am going all out.

After this article I will be blasted, hated, and possibly suffer nightmares related to being strangled by Pittsburgh Steelers fans by way of Terrible Towel.

Despite this, I will not be silenced—I will express my distaste for the things I hate in sports.

So without further ado, I present, "Five Things I Really Want To Say About Sports."

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers fans

I have a love-hate relationship with these guys.

On one hand I did write an article about how the Steelers were the best franchise ever (love).

On the other hand I wrote an article about five players I did not feel belong in the Hall of Fame and included two beloved Steelers, Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann (their hatred of this article was rivaled only by the hatred of the Baltimore Ravens).

I also have a tremendous amount of respect for some of the Steelers fans on this site and feel that they are sincerely some of the best Bleacher Report has to offer.

All this being said, I hate most Pittsburgh fans.

Your Terrible Towel is ugly and obnoxious, your reasoning in defending Ben Rothlesberger is stupid (more on that later), and despite what you say, Pittsburgh is not a "lock" to win its seventh Super Bowl.

The truth is, stepping on the Terrible Towel is not a big deal, however, deliberate head-to-head hits are. Yea that's right, I said "deliberate" head-to-head shots.

Your players are dirty—far dirtier than Cortland Finnegan and Ray Lewis will ever be.

"OK," the Pittsburgh fans are saying, "we are still going to roll over Green Bay."

Well about that—no you're not.

Green Bay is just as good as you, maybe better. You are not a "lock," you are an underdog.

Oh, and Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann do not belong in the Hall of Fame. Just saying.

2. Ben Roethlisberger

Many say Big Ben is the best quarterback in the NFL. I respectfully disagree.

I think Ben is great. He is a Hall of Famer, a great athlete, and two Super Bowls do mean something.

They just don't mean what you think.

The big argument for Ben Roethlisberger being the best quarterback is the two rings. Peyton Manning only has one, Ben has two...thus Ben is better.

This is simply wrong. Big Ben plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a top-five defense every year and every year they seem to go far in the playoffs.

Manning often plays on a team with a struggling defense. They seem to go far in the playoffs, but always fizzle out.

Do you see a pattern? I do...the team with the best defense wins more.

Both teams have top-three quarterbacks, but one has a top five defense too. Of course they win more, but it is not because Ben is a better quarterback.

For example, do you know when Roethlisberger's best individual season was? It was last year, but wait, they didn't make the playoffs last year.

Yep, because their defense was below their usual standards.

That being said, the two years Manning made the Super Bowl featured two of the best defenses in the Manning era.

And guys—Ben did not do anything to win his first Super Bowl. He had the worst record of a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, ever.

And while we are on the subject of Big Ben, I just got to say, you do not get charged with the same crime twice in two years and be completely innocent.

Ben did something to those girls, whether it was raped or not we will never know, but there is a difference between insufficient evidence and being innocent.

3. Major League Baseball

I used to ask myself why most MLB fans were adults. Then one day my creative writing teacher answered it for me.

"Class," he said, "the reason most baseball fans are over 21 is because most people cannot watch a whole game of baseball sober."

So true. Major League Baseball used to be America's pastime, but now the new generation is starting to abandon it. The reason is, baseball is the most unwatchable sport. For one, it has 162 games—80 more than the NBA and 146 more than the NFL.

At first glance this may seem good, but it is not. There are too many games to keep up with and it makes it hard to know the standings and stats and there are day games scheduled from 1-3 PM. During these times kids are in school and adults are at work and there are not many people who can actually watch these.

Another reason baseball has fallen is its postseason.

Sure they get scheduled in primetime slots, but it doesn't feel special.

In fact, in 2008, Sports Illustrated didn't even have the World Series winners as the cover story. Instead, the Philadelphia Phillies appeared in the top-left corner, and instead of talking about great performences, SI talked about how poorly planned the World Series was.

By the way, the cover of the magazine was about football. 

4. Racism

A lot has been made about the fact that only seven of the NFL head coaches are black. People say this is due to racism, as there are more black NFL players than white—and shouldn't the coaching demographic reflect as much?

No, it should not be.

For one, only 26 percent of NFL coaches have playing experience as a pro. That's right, 26 percent (this includes coordinators too). If you only count head coaches, 31 percent of them have playing experience.

21 percent seems like a pretty reasonable number, doesn't it?

Now that we've debunked that myth... on to the issue of black quarterbacks.

Many writers feel that black quarterbacks are not given the same chance afforded to white players in the NFL.

Wrong. Seven minority quarterbacks started the year under center: Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, Jason Campbell, Josh Freeman, David Garrard, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford.

And during the season, two more minority quarterbacks received significant playing time—Troy Smith and Michael Vick. That's a pretty good representation of minorities.

The main problem with most people have though is with the benchings of black quarterbacks.

This year their were two significant benchings that got a lot of publicity—Vince Young and Donovan McNabb. Both were benched for white quarterbacks, neither however were due to race.

From refusing to play after being booed, to a bar fight last offseason (and many in between), Vince Young has had a long history of immaturity.

The worst of these (and the one that led to his benching) took place against the Washington Redskins, when the Tennesseee Titans lost a heartbreaker and Young had injured his thumb.

He had wanted to go back in, but coach Jeff Fisher would not let him—saying that the injury would affect the quarterback's accuracy.

Vince did not respond well. Young proceeded to: throw his equipment in the stands, storm into the locker room, cuss Fisher out during the postgame speech, and storm out of the facility.

He was placed on injured reserve because of his thumb the next day and Fisher said he wouldn't have played even if he was healthy.

Calling Fisher racist is crazy. His last quarterback was Steve McNair, a black quarterback.

Unlike Vince Young, McNair was tough, a good leader, and he worked hard in practice. All reports from the Titans indicate that Vince was none of those. Fisher had a tremendous amount of respect for McNair and would have never benched him once he established himself as their leader.

Fisher never had respect for Young.

Young relied too much on his athletic ability, didn't study his playbook or work hard in practice. Heck, he didn't even understand the playbook enough to call audibles after five years. Fisher had every reason to bench Young.

Donovan McNabb's situation is different—not racist, just stupid.

McNabb had not played particularly well that season and the Redskins eventually played their way out of playoff contention. When that happened McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman.

Why? So coach Mike Shanahan could evaluate him—Shanahan wanted to see if Grossman could play.

McNabb and Shanahan had not got along well, and it wasn't because of race. Plus, you knew McNabb would be gone the next year. So all Shanahan was doing was seeing if Rex Grossman could be the starter next year. No racism here.

So if there is no racism against black quarterbacks or black coaches, there must be no racism in the NFL, right?

Wrong there is only one starting white running back in the NFL—Peyton Hillis. If that isn't racism I don't know what is.

5. Hating on the SEC

On any given day, you can look on Bleacher Report and find an article claiming the SEC is overrated.

Articles saying that the Oregon Ducks would expose Auburn and that TCU were the real national champions were everywhere the week before and after, respectively, of Auburn's  Tostitos Bowl win.

Sadly, most of these articles are stupid. Oregon lost and TCU played in an inferior conference so you can't definatively say they were better than Auburn.

The SEC is not overrated. Of the 12 BCS games played, the SEC has won seven (including the last five).

It hasn't just been one team either, five SEC teams (Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, LSU) have won the BCS Championship since it's conception. That is almost half the league's teams.

Year after year, the SEC has proven to be the best—shut up, the SEC is the best conference over the last twelve years, I just proved that.

No other conference has as many good teams as the SEC. If you think I'm wrong leave a comment with the conference and a list of the great teams in it.


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