BCS Rankings Week 10: Winners and Losers from Latest Poll

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IOctober 31, 2011

BCS Rankings Week 10: Winners and Losers from Latest Poll

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    The BCS Standings have been released for Week 10 and there isn't much change at the top with LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma State.

    With another week of upsets in the book, there have been much movement with the rest of the BCS Top 25.

    Now we get to take a look at the winners and losers in this week's BCS Rankings.

Winner: Oklahoma State

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    Who is in a better position than Oklahoma State?

    The Cowboys control their own destiny and with a win this weekend against Kansas State are certain to be one of the top two teams in the BCS at this time next week.

    Oklahoma State belongs there as well. Their defense is starting to play better and we all know about their offense.

    They hold a big enough gap as well over No. 4 Stanford, that all they have to do is win out and no one will catch them in the standings.

Loser: Wisconsin

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    Just two weeks ago, you may have made the case that the Badgers may be more deserving than Oklahoma State in the BCS Rankings, but after two heart breaking losses in a row, Wisconsin has fallen all the way to No. 20.

    The rest of their season may seem irrelevant, but they can still win the Big Ten and find their way into a BCS game.

Winner: Conference USA

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    Southern Mississippi cracked the latest BCS Rankings at No. 25, joining undefeated Houston, who made the climb all the way up to No. 13.

    While neither will play for a title, little Conference USA boasts more members in the BCS Top 25, than another BCS Conference.

Loser: Big East

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    While little Conference USA has two teams in the Top 25, BCS Conference member the Big East can only boast one in No. 24 West Virginia.

    The Big East has had more teams withdraw from the conference this season than actual big wins by any of its current members, but they have to be somewhat embarrassed.

    It's tough to recruit new members and sell the conference to potential schools when all of your current members are performing so poorly.

Winner: Stanford

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    With Saturday night's triple-overtime victory over USC, the Cardinal climb all the way up to No. 4 in the standings.

    They weren't punished by the voters for getting taken into overtime and finally got a win against a good team to help out in the computer rankings.

    The only negative for the Cardinal is that they have a .865 ranking in the BCS while No. 3 Oklahoma State sits at .931. If both teams remain undefeated, then Stanford has no chance of leapfrogging the Cowboys.

Loser: Boise State

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    As expected, Boise State would begin to slide in the BCS Rankings and that began this week as the Broncos fell to No. 5.

    Unfortunately for them, they virtually have no chance to reach their goal of playing in the BCS Championship Game. Even worse for them is that there is a chance that the loser of the LSU-Alabama game could be ranked ahead of them next week.

Winner: Oklahoma

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    With Oklahoma's win over Kansas State, the Sooners leapfrogged all the other one-loss teams to No. 6 and become the highest ranked one-loss team.

    Don't count them out of the bigger picture just yet. A lot of dominoes would have to fall their way, but stranger things have happened.

Loser: Oregon

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    It was an interesting week for Oregon.

    LaMichael James returned. Darron Thomas got benched.

    Add everything up though and Oregon won their seventh straight game by defeating Washington State on Saturday.

    All is not good though for the Ducks as not only Oklahoma, but Arkansas jumped them in the BCS Standings.

    Entering the week, Oregon previously was the top ranked one-loss team in the BCS Standings.

Winner: Arkansas

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    Fortunately for the Razorbacks, it's a good thing that computers don't have eyes.

    Because if they did, there would have been no way that Arkansas would have jumped Oregon in the BCS Standings.

    Despite winning the past two weeks, Arkansas looked poorly against both Mississippi and Vanderbilt and quite frankly were lucky to emerge victorious.

Loser: Clemson

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    Similar to what happened to Wisconsin a week ago, the Tigers saw their shot at a championship go out the window with a loss to unranked Georgia Tech on Saturday.

    Clemson's complete body of work really doesn't mean much as they fell to No. 11 in the standings.

    Further proof on why it hurts much more to lose late in the season than it does to lose early in the season.