South Carolina Football Nat'l Champ Hype: 5 Games Today to Keep USC Rollin'

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South Carolina Football Nat'l Champ Hype:  5 Games Today to Keep USC Rollin'

An economist’s application of game theory would suggest that your success is not solely determined by your next successful move. 

Rather, it’s the result of the strategy and counter-moves of not only your direct competition but also everyone and everything within your market/ecosystem. 

Ummm—Why the hell are we talking about economics? 

Trust me, I’d rather be doing the normal weekend football routine (bombing Jim Beam shots, guzzling cheap beer, and misbehaving at my tailgate) than thinking about the application of game theory to college football. Unfortunately, because of the way NCAA Football and the BCS system work, we all have to do both routines this Saturday. 

You see, a simple win by the Gamecocks is not enough to move the needle the way we, Gamecock Nation, want it to. Remember what happened that one time (as in last weekend) that USC played against a tough, triple-option Navy team? We won. 

Remember the Gamecock’s AP ranking before the game and then after the game?  We were ranked No. 10 and then, as sure as hell is hot and Clemson fans are obnoxious, we were all of a sudden ranked 12th. Such is life. But, when life gives you lemons, you take those lemons and build a world-dominating citrus rocket.

So, without further ado, here are the five games and necessary outcomes this Saturday that will take the Gamecocks from over-ranked and falling to under-ranked and rising.   

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