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I love to write. I love to make music (search for my band, Cover of Afternoon on Facebook) . I coach basketball, and enjoy football.

I have been raised a Miami Sports (Especially the Miami Dolphins) fan, but when the Carolina Panthers came into the league I had to make room for another NFL team. I follow the Heat in basketball, as well as the Charlotte Bobcats. However, I am really all about some South Carolina Gamecocks!

Thanks for reading my stuff! I have recently started a Gamecock Blog. Check it out as well.

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  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 1670 days ago


    Sucks they won't let your write anymore I guess :(

  • southcarolinafirstusc posted 1753 days ago


    Top Notch writer indeed!

  • Bosox posted 1756 days ago


    Alex, about your recent article about too early prediction for south carolina. I have to ask, do you honestly expect an undefeated regular season or is that just hopeful from a fan?

  • Benny Dawkins posted 1842 days ago

    Benny Dawkins

    Alex, your article before the Carolina Clemson game was a good prediction. Well done!

  • Robert Hynes posted 1872 days ago

    Robert Hynes

    Alex, I would like to see you write up something about Lattimore.

  • Cockaboose Express posted 2015 days ago

    Cockaboose Express Check this out Alex, think you could make a pretty interesting article out of this.

  • Topix Focus posted 2203 days ago

    Topix Focus

    Alex, have you seen or heard this?
    It was after the practice tonite and later found that Spurrier was misquoted. Looks like Dabo doesn't know how to get the facts before stepping in it.

  • Frank Haque posted 2259 days ago

    Frank Haque

    Alex....hoping to inform the fan base of a new service being offered for all South Carolina home games. Bowl Bus is offering fun, safe, and green transportation to all Gamecocks' home games via luxury bus charters.
    They use a social bus pooling method to allow all fans an opportunity to tailgate all the way to the game and back!

  • William Groome posted 2279 days ago

    William Groome

    Hi Alex,
    Didn't even know about this Congratulations on the win over the Dawgs. Man what a game. I already congratulated LHD but never got around to you, sorry. I enjoyed the game, although I am a Dawg fan. Not sure if Richt will survive this, he probably better win most of the rest or we may have a new coach next year. Good to see him play not quite so conservative this time around.
    Anyway, I feel that when boosters, athletics, and universities mix it's trouble. Not sure what is going to come out of this. SC did the right thing distancing themselves from these people. Question is how much did this SAM really do and how involved was SC? Maybe this is the end of it, who knows. It does give the impression that there is more to investigate.
    Have a great weekend. Nice chatting with you, and good luck with Navy.

  • Chris Herrin posted 2282 days ago

    Chris Herrin

    hahahah! actually laughed a bit at work over that one. this is definitely the most athletic team usc has fielded in a long long time (maybe ever?). sad to see my dawgs go 0-2, but i still think we'll end up 8-4 or 9-3. if garcia shapes up, ya'll could end up being a very very dangerous team this year, sugar bowl might be in your future (i still think bama or lsu are favored for the NC, but you could beat them)