Best Fits for the Top 10 Uncommitted RB Recruits in Class of 2014

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 22, 2013

Best Fits for the Top 10 Uncommitted RB Recruits in Class of 2014

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    Recently, we took a look at the best fits for the top 10 uncommitted QB prospects. So today, let's keep it on offense and move along to the best fits for the top 10 uncommitted RB prospects.

    As I said with the QB fits, these boil down to factors that include offensive scheme fit, depth chart, interest level, potential to flourish and past position tradition success. So there's a lot that goes into picking the best fit for these players as I'm not just throwing darts on a big wall. 

    With these selections, I'm not going to pick a school that the recruit likely will not end up at either. Once again, how about we look at the top 10 available players at a position, this time the rock-toters, and select the best fit each of them based on the before mentioned factors.

    Here are the top college fits for the best uncommitted RB prospects in the 2014 recruiting class.

10. Justin Jackson

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    Jackson is one the best scatbacks in the country this year. He's from Illinois, plays on a 5'11", 170-pound frame and has tremendous ability in the open field.

    Jackson is most dangerous on the edges and in space, while also being able to play some slot WR. His speed, stop-and-start ability and elusiveness with the ball requires him to be in a scheme that will feature runs on the perimeter and plays to maximize his RAC skills.

    I think the offense at Northwestern would be able to accommodate Jackson.

9. Myles Autry

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    Autry is out of Georgia and is another of the scatback types. He's got similar size to Jackson along with a similar running style.

    I'd like to see Autry become the lighting back to a power back's thunder in college. I mean that by his quick and slashing style, he would be a good combo with a big and strong inside runner. 

    Tennessee has a commitment from Jalen Hurd, and I think he and Autry could provide an exceptional one-two punch in Knoxville.

8. Derrell Scott

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    Scott is an all-purpose back who can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. He's a North Carolina native that has deceptive run strength and can nudge inside a few times each game while getting to the edges of the box too.

    Scott also has good hands and can be used on swings, screens, delays and checkdowns in the passing game. He's elusive with the ball and can skate around the field some.

    With Clemson losing an all-purpose back commitment from Dalvin Cook, Scott could be a pretty good replacement.

7. Christian McCaffrey

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    The son of former Bronco WR Ed McCaffrey, Christian is a very athletic RB prospect who plays in Colorado. He stands about 6'0", 190 pounds and is one of the more agile backs in the country.

    McCaffrey shows good speed, can can stop and start back up very quickly and flashes good long speed. He's also an excellent receiver out of the backfield and fits best in a speed-oriented offensive attack.

    A speed-oriented offensive attack like Oregon's.

6. Joe Mixon

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    From Northern California, Mixon is a tall back who stands between 6'0" and 6'2" on the field while weighing around 200 pounds. 

    He's got good speed, seems to have pretty good vision and can run inside between the tackles. Mixon will try to elude defenders when he can and also has very good ball skills. He's kind of like the California version of Bo Scarbrough.

    With Mixon being from Oakland and having the hands to be able to factor as a receiver out of the backfield, I can't help but to think he would be a great fit in Sonny Dykes' offense at Cal.

5. Racean Thomas

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    Thomas can work as a power back and as a speed guy. He's probably not dominant in either category, but he shows the potential to be an every-down runner in college.

    From Alabama, Thomas can exploit seams and shows good burst to and through holes. He has a 5'11", 202-pound frame that can push some piles while also having good hands to be a solid option in the passing game.

    His style can fit anywhere, really. However,  I think with his hands and potential to stay on the field every down, Gus Malzahn's offense at Auburn would be a good fit for Thomas.

4. Nathan Starks

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    Las Vegas' finest is one of the top RB prospects in the country, but he also can be viewed as an ATH too. The 5'11", 200-pound Starks ran for over 1,800 yards as a junior and is looking for 2,000 yards as a senior.

    He can be a bully with the ball due to solid run strength, but Starks also is a great athlete who can be dangerous in space as well as catch well too. I think he could go anywhere and flourish.

    Notre Dame signed Greg Bryant last year, and the Irish would be a good fit due to Starks being a better athlete and having superior hands than Bryant, complementing him well.

3. Elijah Hood

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    Hood is a 6'0", 220-pounder from North Carolina and has outstanding run strength. He plays like a giant at the point of attack when being tackled and can power through multiple defenders.

    He's a tackle breaker and bully that can be pretty tough to stop when coming downhill. What's also neat about Hood is that he can build up speed to get his legs churning very quickly in the open field and shows a short-area burst.

    Hood would be a hit for Larry Fedora at UNC and a difference-maker.

2. Sony Michel

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    I'm not going to really talk too much about Michel's skill set, as I've stated my evaluation on him pretty thoroughly over the past several months. He's talented enough to fit well into any scheme on offense and in any situation.

    Whether Michel opts to go to Georgia and replace "Gurshall," goes to Notre Dame and challenges Greg Bryant and Tarean Folston for carries, or somewhere else, he'll be just fine, folks.

1. Leonard Fournette

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    Just like Michel, Fournette will be just fine in any scheme and in any situation. He's not going to let any depth chart bury him and he is the top player in the country on my board right now.

    If he goes to Alabama, then Fournette is good enough to probably force one of the four 2013 RB recruits to transfer. He's also good enough to make Cam Cameron tailor the LSU offense to his strengths in Baton Rouge.

    It'll probably be one of those schools with Texas and USC hoping to score a visit. Anywhere Fournette lands, he'll fit right in on the field.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.