Johnny Manziel Meets LeBron James in San Antonio, Earth Didn't Blow Up

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 1, 2013


Wonder bro powers, activate!

We’ll never know how, but the world did not explode when sports superstars LeBron James and Johnny Manziel came into close orbit before Sunday’s game between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.

In keeping with his ever-expanding role as the world’s VIP, Manziel, his girlfriend and several buddies met up with James in one of the tunnels at the AT&T Center and snapped a few pictures. 

Having sworn off Twitter in recent weeks, Manziel used a loophole and posted the images to his Instagram account, commenting “I swear @kingjames is my dude I swear and tell ‘em #love #mydog.”

Manziel also posted shots of him kicking his feet up in the stadium suite where he and his entourage watched the game (cue improper benefits debate).

All money talk aside, clearly the biggest benefit of being Johnny Manziel is being able to gain access to areas most rich men cannot enter. You cannot walk into a stadium and just buy a conversation with LeBron James. Athletes of LeBron's caliber and pay grade have money, and they don’t have to talk to any random guy.

Money pays for the suite, but Manziel’s play on the field buys him the opportunity to meet professional athletes like James. 

All benefits aside, seeing James next to Manziel shouldn’t be surprising, considering how often he shows up to pro basketball games just to hang with big-name athletes. 

But there’s something about seeing two stars—one a red supergiant, the other on its way toward greatness—in the same place at the same time. 

Next week, see pics of Manziel pushing buttons in the White House Situation Room: Dr__Carson